Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Playing the Game of Thrones in Casa Marcos

I love to read and most often than not, I live for hours or days at a time in the world of the book I'm reading. This can get bad especially when I'm rereading the whole Harry Potter series and I find myself willing an object to lift itself and into my hand. Hahaha. Seriously. 

I'm currently reading Dance with Dragons, the fifth book of the Game of Thrones. I am therefore craving for some horse meat. (If anyone can help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated. :D Well, I had to make do with what's available and so I ate what they usually ate during those times aside from horse meat. (as if that time ever existed!) 

I found what I'm looking for here in Casa Marcos.

Just like all the restaurants along Forbeswood Heights, the place isn't packed even on a Saturday night. This might be a bad sign for some people, but I consider this a positive thing. It means: 
1. we won't have to deal with bad service. 
2. we get to eat quickly. Our tummies grumble during these times.

But hey, some crowd would have made me feel like I'm in the middle of a feast inside a castle. As it was, I felt like I was eating during the war of the lions and the wolves in an inn after they have sacked the place. It felt bummer. 

Our meal started with complimentary mini pan de sals served with butter. Yummy! No wonder they also have the Bread Bag going for them. (It's basically on the go pan de sal with good yummy spreads.) The bread is crunchy outside and VERY soft inside. 

I can certainly imagine asking for more and keeping them all in a saddle bag to eat along the journey to the Wall or maybe to free cities. :D

Tapang Baboy Dami Php395

This is what I came here for. The tapang baboy damo was kinda expensive, but I would think that it's because of the effort to capture and cook the wild hog. I expected it to be a bit tough (like the horse meat I ate, a long long time ago) but it wasn't. The texture was kind of different but it was soft and when dipped in the yummy vinegar, it was just perfect!

I can just imagine eating this in the banquet Cersei threw when King Robert fell sick due to the wounds he incurred when he closed in on the wild hog (which he was still able to kill) which the people ate during the feast. I can now more than imagine the taste of that specific hog, and Cersei was right, it tasted good. Although, I strongly doubt they'd cook it the tapa way. :D

Angus Ribeye (US) Php999
My very handsome and famished date made the mistake of curbing to his steak-infatuation and ordered an Angus Ribeye. All I can say is this restaurant is not the kind of place to order steak. Although the menu said it's from the US, with what we were given, my date thought it was a local steak. It was cooked good but the meat just didn't have the right texture. 

This is what the normal people raised and ate. I'm a normal person after all. (nobody contradict!) This is what I would've eaten normally if I were living during that time.

Kalderetang Usa Php475
During travels, there was nothing to eat save for what you could hunt and cook in the forest. What's more common game than deer? 

I know that venison or deer meat is hardly considered exotic, but in this part of the world it isn't common. I just had to try it once

We didn't order any rice (we're trying to lose some weight by not eating rice, it doesn't taste anything at all but adds a lot of pounds!) so we had the kaldereta with another round of complimentary pan de sals. It was a great match! The dish was mouthwatering and the venison texture very fine. 

Because of this meal, I consider my saturday night very well spent. :) 

(I can't say I'll be back since I kind of feel guilty eating meat not from the farm but it's definitely worth a try.)

I thank Casa Marcos though for giving me an insight of the tastes of what  they must be eating in Game of Thrones. I really love the world of books they're just... exciting and enchanting. Well, I'm going back to my reading now. :)

Casa Marcos
GF Forbeswood Heights,
Burgos Circle, 
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

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