Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My 25th @ Manila Bay

There was one weekend when we had nothing to do. We ended up along Manila Bay. We decided to sign up with Prestige Cruises (P350 without meal, P550 with meal) instead of Sun Cruises because of the time. Sun Cruise leaves 5.30pm while Prestige Cruise leaves 6.00pm. It was a good experience but the food is bad with baby cockroaches on the spoons. EWW! Food aside, it was a glorious experience that I wanted to share with friends. 

While waiting to board, down the street we saw Eduard (09228373767 or 8612348) who rents out a yacht and we were surprised to know that it costs Php6,000 only (Php5,000 for non-peak season) for an hour around Manila Bay with a maximum of 15 pax. (In can carry a max of 40 pax for Php9,000, Php for peak season.) That's just P400 each person! 

This is how I ended up having a yacht party for my 25th birthday. 

Nobody stayed indoors. Everybody chose their own spots on the top where the cool wind blows and the sight was just great. We took time to explore the yacht as well. 

We served yummy sparking juices, no alcohol in case somebody gets drunk and decides to jump off board. :D

Fred "surprised" me with 25 of my favorite fondant cookies with a travel theme. He had them decorated with heritage sites. My favorite was the Taj Mahal one.  

I literally left a piece of myself aboard the yacht when I gashed my arm on a crudely cut metal. Until now (4 months later), that yacht still has a mark on me. I still have a scar which looks like it would become a keloid. Hopefully not! 

Here is Lovely, trying to imagine how it was aboard Titanic. :)

Here they are, the latecomers! (The captain truly would not wait for anyone! So make sure to be there on the time that you booked! Better if you're 30 minutes early.) I was really disappointed they weren't able to join our cruise but! It turned out they were late because they still bought me a cake. Aww... 

It's not the cheapest way to celebrate a birthday but at least everybody'll remember that night when we cruised around Manila Bay! :) Thank you guys for coming!


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