Monday, February 6, 2012

Don't dive in Maldives.

Many are confused of how to pronounce Maldives. (I used to be one of them.) So I decided to visit the country and learn the right way. (First rule of Language, the correct way to say the words is how the native speakers pronounce it.) Apparently, it isn't Maldives with a long i like in dive, but a short i like in give. 

Anyway, the only way to truly experience Maldives is to splurge some and that's what I did. (Includes visiting Sri Lanka just to board the Sri Lankan Airlines -whose flight was delayed for 4 hours!!!- to go to Maldives. There's no direct flight from Philippines.)

I booked a room (thru agoda, where else?) in Bandos Resort for USD 330 which is a good deal compared to others. I arrive in Maldives and approach their booth. I was lead to the prearranged speedboat (with an additional fee and required. You can't possibly swim that far!). Much to my delight, I had it all to myself!  

Upon arriving in the hotel (at 10 am) I was asked to wait by the Filipino (they are many of them there.) host for my room. Because of this inconvenience, I was given complimentary dinner! Later that night, I was brought fresh fruits and a bottle of wine as well. No wonder it's the dream honeymoon place.

Early the next morning, I got up early to watch the sunrise and take pictures. (I'm not vain! It's just what would be left of my USD 330! So I indulged myself.) 

Later that afternoon, I took an early ride out of the resort and back to the airport island. From there, I took a USD 1 ferry ride to Male, the capital. This is one country you don't need to change your USD's to the local currency. Although I did for souvenir's sake. :)

Maldives is fast sinking. They fear that this paradise will be gone in 50 years. So I panicked and visited the country while it's still there! :D


  1. maldives is a paradise and no one should go there alone hahaha.$330 room? wala bang pang mahirap na room? i'm just a poor guy who loves to travel and can't afford a $33o room.

  2. i hope i'm already rich before maldives sinks.hahaha.may 50 years pa naman.

    1. I do hope to return with someone else. Haha. You can check for cheaper rooms. The problem is they're all in the Male island so you can't enjoy the beautiful island beaches the whole day til night. But you can still avail day tours for the island resorts. :)
      Oo nga, 50 years pa. I did panic in major way noh? Haha, I blame it all on Al Gore for all his scary predictions!