Tuesday, April 3, 2012

TKees are the Keys to My Heart

My mental feet need their protection. Since I walk too much, I tend to er... wreck a lot of slippers. Not to mention the fact that I must either too much or I walk in a different way that I'm prone to blisters and whatnots including killing my toenails. Thus, my search for comfy footwear started. 

Okay, okay, I'm just a typical girl who adores and worship good shoes! :D 

I'm no fan of your typical flipflops, as in Havaianas (Fred absolutely detests them!). My favorite is the TKees! They wanted to buy many pairs but the problem is everything I liked didn't have my size. :(

I ended up getting up getting these orchid pair from the lipgloss collection. 

I love this pair and I've no blisters from them whatsoever. My only complaint is I feel hesitant to walk the dirty roads with this pair. It's not the cheapest and the color I chose gets dirty too noticeably. MUST BUY MORE! hehehe.

P.S. I do not stand by this post anymore. This is why.

The Flatshop
 Ground Floor, Connecticut Arcade, 
Greenhills Shopping Center
Oritgas, M.M.

TKees as in T-Keys

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