Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Finally, Bungy!

At the age of 25, I needed to mark it with a milestone.

I found it in Macau Tower!

See those bindings on my legs? You know what that means...

As my motto explains, "courage is not the absence of fear!" I have lots of courage! Because honestly, I love a lot of fear inside me!

Right before this, a girl came to me and asked me something. I didn't understand her, I thought she was speaking in Japanese. But after 10 seconds I realized she spoke to me in Mandarin, asking if I was going to jump. This is one proof that I wasn't thinking right with fear! (I later on spoke to her and apologized after some fear has subsided.)

My last smile!
Here goes nothing... 


I'd share the video when I can, blogspot wouldn't accept it at the moment.

I got to say, it helped a lot that the attendants were Filipinos so I was able to ask whatever I had to reassure me that I'd be safe and alive. They were very sympathetic as well, and encouraging. Thank you Kuyas! :D

Well, this is the highest Bungy in the world at 233 meters. 

If this isn't a milestone, I don't know what is. But really, I'm not sure why I pay to scare myself out of my wits. :)


Macau Tower

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In Awe of O'sonho

I've always dreamed of going to Spain one day (Hopefully sooner rather than later or later rather than never...!) but when I finally make that trip I hope to skip to its past rival (as in Magellan's time), Portugal.

Well, I've yet to save up for that trip after I save up for all the higher in the list destinations. For now, I settle for Portuguese food.

Welcome to O'sonho the only Portuguese restaurant I know of! I love saying the name of this humble restaurant along Jupiter Street (Yes, yet again.-_-) : O'sonho. It means "dream", that explains the tagline!  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Must Dine in Vivere Skyline

If you're looking for somewhere to celebrate a special occasion or maybe planning something you'd probably celebrate for, I got just the place for you! Take a special trip all the way to the south and you would find Vivere Skyline Restaurant.

Meanwhile, if you're looking for someplace cool to enjoy a bottle or two of beer with special friends, I also have the perfect suggestion! Drive through the traffic to Alabang and look for Vivere Hotel's Skylounge.

It's actually one and the same. I don't know why there are different names... :D 

Look at this gorgeous view!!! This explains why it's perfect.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Fetish in Mana-ish

Metro Manila is brimming with Japanese or Italian or Filipino even French  restaurants. I aim to find more of the minority. This is what I found:

Mana-ish and More sells itself as a Lebanese restaurant or to be more broad, of middle eastern cuisine. Well, they serve unique food and I love everything unique! That's why I love my best gay friend. You know... unique=queer, gay=queer...? Yeah, I know, lame joke. Humor me, pleeeease! :D 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pan de Amerikana with Stevie B

There are restaurants that have branches nearer home but I'd rather go to the original location even when it's soo far away. This is one of those.

Pan de Amerikana in Marikina is an hour away from my house. But I must say, it is well worth the travel time.

The entrance says it all: