Friday, September 28, 2012

Da.U.De took me to U.K.

Finding, I was totally gobsmacked I could hardly hold on to my knickers. Teeheehee. I love everything English, therefore I love tea. (Or it might be me being Chinese?!) 

Well, whatever the reason, I love, love, love TEA! I would hazard to say that I love tea more than my dishy bloke. (Kidding... maybe... :p) 

I drink tea through out the day, everyday. I get chuffed when I get to buy new tea stuff, like when I got some white silver tip tea from India which is totally RARE

(Okay, stopping the British slang right here. It's making my nose bleed.)

 Here's the latest tea trend in Manila:

*Getting a parking space is kind of hard. We had to park quite far and walk all the way. No worries, the place is totally worth it!

The bar looks really intimidating to be honest, every thing's so white and clean. (Very good for food business!)

No matter, the seats are totally comfy and the walls with all the small written testimonies make everything feel laid back. It kinda made me miss all those the-longer-the-better write-ups friends used to post on friendster. Remember Friendster?

I sooo wanted to get the High Tea Set (php1000 for 2 people which is a very good price!) but Fred Flintstones didn't want to drink hot tea and that's all they offer with the set. Boo.

It was my delight then that I got to pick silver white needle tea! Although it was quite hard choosing with all the tea blends available, from green tea, to fruit, to herbal, to black tea, to mate, to oolong, to rooibos, to chai, to pu-erh. And then each kind has a different ranges as well.  It's completely overwhelming. 

Silver White Needle Tea (Premiere Tea Php150@8oz)

My white tea was just so simple and fragrant. I read that white teas have the most anti-oxidants amongst all teas and I felt getting younger already. (Ha.Ha.)

BTW, the teapot they use is totally rad! You just let the tea leaves steep a while then you put it on top of your cup and the tea drips down. No pouring! The only place I've seen something like this was in Geisha.

Meanwhile, the coconut green tea we tried cold was truly unique. The taste was one of kind, sort of sweet yet bitter. It was sure good for a cold tea blend. I tried making one at home before, just adding ice on natural tea blends and it was urgh. I wish they'd tell me how to make the teas cold while maintaining the fragrant flavor.   

Coconut Green Tea (served cold) Php100/8oz

They have real meals and even secret menu items which you can learn from this blog.  However, our agenda was to experience the British Tea Time, and so we ordered snacks.

There's nothing else for me but the Buttermilk Scone. I've read about British ladies having scones since I was 8 and always wondered what it was. I always envisioned it to be something like a waffle. Now, I got to try one with my tea. Finally!

It turned out to be something like a cookie but more than that. It's seems like a cookie cake to me. It's soft and crumbly. The two sauces/jams were unique and tasty. YUM! Though it could also do with them.

Buttermilk Scone Php150

Something even better is the tea brulee. Oh, we didn't taste any hint of tea in it but it might be because we are no epicures. To us, it just tasted like a very yummy dessert! I really LOVE anything brulee. (When done right. :))

Tea Brulee Php150
I could definitely get used to tea time! I shall be back for the high tea set! :)

Before going, we asked for the bill and it came in this cute kiddie tea time book. I honestly had to read the whole story aloud. :D

It's just a nice touch to the whole tea time experience. :) tea lounge
Ground floor Net Lima (5) Building,

4th Ave. & 26th St.,
Fort, Taguig
(02) 854-4187 

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