Monday, April 30, 2012

Must not mislabel Casita Ysabel, Mabini, Batangas

For almost P6,000.00 per night for a "family room", staying in Casita Ysabel is flat-out expensive. 

Price aside, it is beautiful while you're there. It has a Balinese theme that feels so beach-y and tropical even for someone who lives in a tropical country. (I wish I took more photos.) It has a bamboo deck where those who wants a tan can get it. I assume that this was built because the beach here is too rocky. Nonetheless, it's perfect for enjoying the sea and the sun sans the messy sand.

This picture is taken during low tide, you can see all the rocks, big and small. During high tide, the water gets up until the watermark you can see on the posts. It can therefore get rather hard walking when you go into the water during high tide. 

We loved the sunset and the gorgeous view it paints.

AND I loved the hammock! It reminds me of my childhood so much. Sadly, it was set so low that with Fred's weight, the bottom touched the ground and there's no way to sway some.

Borrowing the kayak is for free. The unfortunate part is that although there were two kayaks, there was only one paddle. Bummer. There's no way we could kayak all together. Or even better, race!

Borrowing the snorkeling gear wasn't free though. We were charged Php100 for each. The good thing is that the fee covers for your whole stay.

Another good thing? One doesn't have to worry, the P100 will surely be worth it! Just go down to the water, swim for a minute and you'll find yourself above such rich marine life. I would've took a lot of photos if my Olympus didn't die on me. BOOO!!! I wasn't irresponsible, the battery really was faulty. Never buy an Olympus camera.:( 

We booked Casita Ysabel in Mabini, Batangas not realizing that it's also the popular Anilao. I guess that explains why the marine life is just so diverse that I saw some that I've only seen in Ocean Park. 

I would love to go back to Mabini, Batangas. But I'm surely not going to stay in Casita Ysabel again. I don't find it worth the bucks. -_-

Casita Ysabel
San Teodoro, Mabini, 
Batangas, Philippines
+63917.610.0005 / +632.546.7083 /

Directions to Casita Ysabel:
From SLEX take Calamba Batangas exit 50
Right turn going to New Star Tollway, exit to Batangas City toll
Take runabout turn to Batangas Diversion Road (Burger Machine at the corner)
Straight ahead and approaching the flyover, take the underpass
Right turn on the first street going to Bauan
At Bauan, right turn on the corner of Jollibee
Pass Bauan Wet Market, Straight pass Petron station, Bauan Hospital on the left
Stay left as you cross Bauan fork street
Stay right at the next Mabini fork street, Mabini Tourism Center on the left side
Left turn on the road before Anilao Wet Market
At 9.5KM from this turn to Casita Ysabel

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