Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In Awe of O'sonho

I've always dreamed of going to Spain one day (Hopefully sooner rather than later or later rather than never...!) but when I finally make that trip I hope to skip to its past rival (as in Magellan's time), Portugal.

Well, I've yet to save up for that trip after I save up for all the higher in the list destinations. For now, I settle for Portuguese food.

Welcome to O'sonho the only Portuguese restaurant I know of! I love saying the name of this humble restaurant along Jupiter Street (Yes, yet again.-_-) : O'sonho. It means "dream", that explains the tagline!  

There weren't any patrons when we arrived but the "reserved" signs were well used. I suppose reservations aren't really needed unless you mean to order particular dishes that would need ample time to cook.

After a lot of debate over yummy-sounding dishes and mouth-watering pictures in the menu, we finally settled on our delectable dishes!

Free garlic bread kicked off our Portuguese meal. I finished them all while my date talked on his mobile about business. :D I love it when his work gets in the way when we're eating, I get to eat most of the food. Otherwise, since he eats a lot faster, I've taken two bites and he's finished everything already!

Caldo Verde Php180

Here's the first to arrive. I'm a lover of vegetable soup and this is just the way I like it, as the menu promised! It's thick and hearty, for real!

O'sonho Fresh Iced Lemon Tea Php90/solo Php170/sharing 

Fresh it was! The only thing I didn't like was the portion. :( But even after we finished it, we just kept filling it with water and it was still great! 

Bacalhau de O'sonho Php380

I'm basing all my knowledge on the Portuguese cuisine on this restaurant. The menu said that the Portuguese are passionate about this and so I just had to try it! (at the risk of over-ordering or what we dub as takaw-order!)  This stewed dried salt cod was just bursting with flavor subtly complemented by carrots and green olives to be wrapped in pita bread. Yum, yum!

Coffee Marinated Roast Pork Php490

I'm a proclaimed hater of coffee but I learned that I don't mind it when my meat was marinated in it. It's good! The pork was soft and the fat was sinfully yummy! The coffee-ish tasting crust was simply unique.

Peri Peri Chicken on Fragrant Chicken Rice Php210/solo Php320/sharing

This must be THE PORTUGUESE DISH. It was certainly the best of all the superb dishes we had. The skin was crisp while the meat was tender just the way we like it. The spicy peri peri sauce only helped it up the yummy meter. This certainly tastes like my Portuguese dream!

Thanks to the Weekend Sweet Treats, I got to enjoy dessert just because we spent Php700! This Portuguese egg tarts aren't like the Macanese egg tarts made popular by Lord Stows. The egg is a lot less soft and the tart a lot less flaky but it's still yummy in its own way that I'm not sure if I should be comparing them.

Oh, I love Portuguese food! It's just really, really delicious! Okay, okay, O'sonho is so far my only basis... but it's definitely great! I'll definitely be looking out for other Portuguese restaurants in the city.

O'sonho Portuguese Fusion
Unit 1C Valdeleon Bldg. 
20 Jupiter St.,
Bel Air, Makati City

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