Monday, August 13, 2012

Pan de Amerikana with Stevie B

There are restaurants that have branches nearer home but I'd rather go to the original location even when it's soo far away. This is one of those.

Pan de Amerikana in Marikina is an hour away from my house. But I must say, it is well worth the travel time.

The entrance says it all:

Before anything else, we order our food at the counter right inside the door. The available dishes are all truly Filipino and VERY CHEAP!

Yup, it's clean!

The dining area is simply one of a kind! The higher wall is peppered with pictures of actors and actresses from the 80's. We spied that one of most beautiful is none other than Ms. Gloria Romero with her classic beauty that still hasn't faded through the years! The far wall is not a wall at all but something like an aquarium-effect glass. 

One of the walls featured act works inspired by this ambience. It's hard not to be inspired by the eclectic charm of the place.

Best of all, there was a humongous chessboard. I would've loved to play a set if weren't many people to see me lose. :D

Look what else I found! Among the many chess sets, this was what captured my attention. A Star Wars set! Cooool! 

After our exploration, our food was served.

Some dishes were served one part warm, while the other part is cold. It maybe that they're too rushing that they weren't able to heat the food properly. :(

The taste of the dishes is so-so. Save for the PAN DE SAL! It's no wonder they're known for it. The pan de sal is quite big, especially during these times that flour is so expensive that the breads keep getting smaller and smaller. It makes me fear that 10 years from now it'll be bite-size. Surely hope not!

All the while that we were eating, oldies songs blare out from an old looking boombox. I was still singing "when I dream about you..." as we drove back home. :D

I gotta say, this place is not for foodies. :( BUT if you are into photography, or play-modeling or cam-whoring, or maybe exploring different sites, definitely drop by this place! It's one wonderful place to visit! 

P.S. If you're alone or there's just the two of you, it is advisable to bring a tripod since the staff's really busy and it's best you need not have to wait or disrupt their work. :D

Pan de Amerikana, Marikina
92 Gen Ordonez AveConcepcion II, Marikinamap
(02) 475-2398
Monday-Saturday 6am-7pm
Sundays 6am-3pm

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