Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Fetish in Mana-ish

Metro Manila is brimming with Japanese or Italian or Filipino even French  restaurants. I aim to find more of the minority. This is what I found:

Mana-ish and More sells itself as a Lebanese restaurant or to be more broad, of middle eastern cuisine. Well, they serve unique food and I love everything unique! That's why I love my best gay friend. You know... unique=queer, gay=queer...? Yeah, I know, lame joke. Humor me, pleeeease! :D 

We got there early so we caught the place empty but it later filled up. Not to the point you'd need reservations, no.

To help your Lebanese vocabulary, read the artworks on the wall. :)

Where every piece of heaven comes out:

I just absolutely adore lassi! It's gone before the food even arrived. I shall pray for refillable lassi soon. :)

Lassi / Flavoured Yogurt Php 175

The luxor is basically shawarma mixed with some chicken. The tomatoes add a kick into it, topped with cheeeese! Oh, I loved it. I shall from now on add cheese to any shawarma I'm eating.

Luxor Php250

The Tabouleh is a grain salad of crushed wheat, tomatoes, onions and mint sprinkled with lemon and dressed with olive oil. This salad is completely unique to the typical local salads (meaning sweet salads like potato salad or fruit salad) and the typical salad of vegetables plus stuff with dressing. I guess this is also made up of veggies... But the taste and texture is just different! Plus, I love saying the name... Ta.. bou... leh... It's like "catapult"! My tongue just loves these words!

Tabouleh Php170

FINALLY! Mana-ish gets out of the oven! In order to make the most of our meal, we had the Magnificent 6. 

First is the Zaatar (ground thyme+oregano+sesame seeds+olive oil). This was the best of the 6. Jebneh (homemade white cheese+chopped parsley.) was very good as well but not different from pizza. The third was a lot like the typical pizza as well only better, Esfiha (seasoned minced beef+fresh tomatoes+chopped onions). The next half of the mana-ish is the Muhamara (tomato+chili paste+mozzarella cheese). The soujok (ground beef+special spices+mozzarella cheese) was the best of the lot! Did I already say Zaatar was the best?? No, no. This was it! The last of the six was the best. Truly, save the best for last! Blanche (bechamel sauce+black olives+mozzarella cheese) was truly the best. Uhm... Okay. So the half was a lot like the normal pizza but the other half is comprised of equally best flavors. Pardon my grammar. :D

Magnificent 6 Mana-ish Php225

The menu had it right, this is a MUST TRY DISH! As in must-try dish in a lifetime! The boiled bone marrow was just PERFECT, along with the PERFECT vermicelli rice. One spoonful and I can't rave how yummy it was because my mouth was too full until all was gone... :D

Bone Marrow Fatteh Php350

I just had to try one dessert so I ordered Muhalabieh. It wasn't as good as the whole meal, but only because there was too little sauce. Also, I was already too full! :(

I love teas and we were served this spice-y tea! It wasn't spicy, just spice-y. I hope you guys could understand that because I have no other way of describing this teacupful!

Lastly, as an afterthought, we tried out the Shisha. I've tried this when I was in India, but I wanted my companion to try it. I just wanted another go as well. We tried the strawberry flavor and it was truly cool! We were at it for quite a long time. :D

Shisha Php250

I only have one comment against this restaurant: it's hard to find a parking slot near it! Otherwise, the prices were reasonable, food was absolutely delicious and the service was impeccable! A rare ideal place to dine in!

Mana-ish and More
Ground floor, Unit 1D Valdecon Bldg.,
20 Antares Jupiter St.,
Bel-Air, Makati
(632) 896-6262

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