Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Taken Away by Isabelo Garden

As a blogger, I have always tried to look for the well-kept restaurants that offer a different setting than the usual. It's not easy to find but here is one!

Isabelo Garden in Marikina is a by-reservation only restaurant. Not only that, the diners must pre-order the food when they make the reservation. This may not sit well with everyone but I found it totally cool to just go in and sit, then the food will just come one by one, no need to stress on what to pick! *One has to pay a deposit of php1000 just so they're sure you're coming.* Besides, it's really hard to control oneself not to order too much when one is soo famished!

Arriving in the garden, we were led to the outdoor sitting.

The dining areas are just so charmingly designed! It's a photographer's haven! Not only that, tables are placed so that each group could have some sort of privacy as they dine. 

However, because this year's summer is proving to be insanely hot, we chose to dine inside where there's air conditioning. The interior decorations are just as adorable!

After our exploration, we finally sat down and our food came at once. Gotta say, the service was really great. But of course... what makes and breaks a restaurant is the quality of the food and Isabelo Garden surely aces it!

stuffed portobello mushrooms php525

We just adore portobello mushrooms and this one surely ranks as one of the best! It was creamy and sweet in the right way! The flavor just... oozes in the right way. Being the Chinese that I am, I have one complaint: BITIN!!! I wanted more!!! but oh well, it's such a pain that portobellos are expensive.

isabelo orange herb cooler php120 & freshly brewed iced lemon tea php80
I ordered something else actually, but one ingredient was not available since I booked just the day before. *note to self: must order earlier next time.*

Mine is the isabelo orange herb cooler... but I didn't like the soda-ish quality of the drink so I swapped with my date's and drank the perfect lemon tea.

pizza rustica php430
We had to cut the pizza ourselves but that's totally cool. We got to cut it the way we wanted. In short, I got two small slices and the date just finished all the rest. :D The grilled vegetable toppings were so healthy-ly delicious. The pizza has this flavor I'm not sure how to describe but it's good. :) To top it off, it's thin crust and barely oily!

slow cooked beef ribs php950
 I picked the newly out dish, the slow-cooked beef ribs. It came with vegetables and bleu cheese dressing. With or without the dressing, the beef is just soo flavorful! Too flavorful (in a positive way) in fact that we had to order rice to eat it with. 

With the bleu cheese, it's a bull's eye. We were still eating although we were already very full, that's how good it was!

Lastly for dessert, I had the watermelon sorbet.

watermelon sorbet php90
The two scoops weren't as good as I expected because it kind of tastes just like a watermelon shake- only more icy. But it was effective in cleaning my taste buds after a very savory meal. 

This "secret" restaurant truly is one of a kind. I'm excited to bring my friends here to enjoy more of the great food and great ambience. Maybe come December when it's more cooler though. :D 

Also, I shall be back for the morning version, the Rustic Mornings by Isabelo. I sooo look forward to that meal. :) See you soon, Isabelo Garden!

#11 Isabelo Mendoza St. 
San Roque, Marikina City
(they'll provide a very good map once you place your order.)
(02) 510.6914; 0917.8146824
*6pm onwards / Monday -  Sunday     

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