Monday, April 15, 2013

Tara sa Kasbah

I've heard of how popular the restaurant Kasbah is in Boracay. But I would hardly fly to Boracay just to try it. I was therefore very much delighted when they opened a branch in the much more accessible Fort! Moroccan food, here we come! 

The ambience is just so amazing. It feels sooo Morocco! How I know when I haven't ever been to Morocco is a big question. :D But the place has a perfect "chill" vibe.

Moroccan gunpowder mint tea + watermelon shake

We started with drinks! My date had a glass of watermelon shake, while I had the MUST-TRY Moroccan gunpowder mint tea. I just had to try it and it was amazingly... strong!!! I wanted less alcohol but then it just wouldn't be the original mix. Drinking the gunpowder was odd though. I had to demurely spit them out from time to time. :p 

moutabal (baba ghanoush) php140
I would always remember that I lost weight when I went to India because we mostly ate dips+pitaor any bread while we were there. And so I got it in my head that these things are very healthy. I think they really are. :D So we just had to try the moutabal which is basicanlly eggplant and tahini caviar squashed and roasted into yummy-ness! 

Berber Lamb Tagine php745/solo php1115/to shart
We ordered the berber lamb tagine because it said in the menu that it's, "deeply spiced melt-in-your-mouth tender lamb with oranges and prunes in a rich tangy thick sauce" and we had just that. The lamb was certainly very tender and the flavor the perfect marriage of spices. 

Kasbah meat lover's platter php920
Lastly, we had the Kasbah meat lover's platter which included a stick of beef kabab, of chicken kabab and merguez sausage kabab. Everything was tender but a bit on the dry side which was fine because we had the yogurt dip anyway. :)

Kasbah is one good Moroccan restaurant! The food was great; the service very efficient. (Though they wanted to charge extra for the extra yogurt dip.) The overall experience of eating there was great! The perfect place to chill.

Kasbah (Fort)
7th Avenue cor. Katipunan Circle,
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
+63917-2058802, 63-2-5534499

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