Thursday, May 31, 2012

Caffe Dolce for Girlfriends

I'm getting tired of dating guys, so I'm trying out dating girls now. You know, someone who would be more understanding of my petty daily woes and PMS. 

Kidding aside, there's no special occasion just that it's been sometime since I saw my best friend Meh. She finally decided to visit me (yey!) and so I carefully chose the place where we can share good food and chat for hours.

Nothing else came to mind but Caffe Dolce. It's THE PLACE for girlfriends. With the interior so girly romantic. The wall is papered with roses in pastel colors and a cove decorated with plastic flowers, vases and more plastic flowers that you could almost smell real floral fragrance. There are even two big teddies sitting on chairs (though I didn't get a picture.). This really is the place for girly dates.    

We started our vegetarian dinner (Vegetarian is such a girl thing I think. Men are just too carnivorous!) with a dish of cheesy creations. I didn't get the name but that's fine. We didn't like this very much anyway. It lacks cheese and the fake ham isn't right too. The dips are thankfully refillable though!

We're no fans of puff sleeves but we're certainly avid fans of their Cream Puff Soup. I chose Cream of Mushroom out the three choices (Cream of Corn and Carrot Orange are the other picks). If I should be honest, and I was with a girl friend anyway, I had no idea how to attack this particular way serving and so I just dunked the whole pastry into the soup and enjoyed my soup soaked in the bread. If someone could enlighten me as to how I could properly eat this, then I shall try it that way too. Until then, I'll just dunk the whole thing in! Our way was quite good nonetheless, most especially because the mushroom soup tasted nothing like the canned versions. This mushroom soup is truly the real thing. The puff bread provided a different texture to the soup which we greatly appreciated.

Cream Puff Soup Php150
I love fruits while Meh just loves to eat (hihihi) and so for our third appetizer, we tried the yummy looking Tropical Fruit Pizza which is basically a thin crust pizza in bechamel sauce (I am totally basing this from the description on the menu!:D) topped with kiwi, strawberry, pineapple and some mango. Oooh, we loved it! This pizza is a guilt-free pizza for us who are always trying to stick by our "diets" yet never really does. Yum, yum, yum. It's very light on the stomach too, so we had quite a looong meal, meaning a looong chit chat. :)

Tropical Fruit Pizza P210/6" P349/12"
Our main entree we didn't like very much. I think it was because of the faux meat. Our Carbonara was also too garlicky, although we could've opted for it to be garlic-less. But we were too engrossed with our stories to care much for this anyway.

Carbonara P209/solo P630/sharing
Now, we took a really long time finishing our dessert which was what we really came to Caffe Dolce for. What we had are pieces of french toast beautifully contained inside the sides of the loaf topped with a yummy sauce (I suspect is custard but I am no connoisseur.) and fresh fruits completed by a HUGE scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Meh is a dessert-lover more than anything else. From the way she finished this dish (I just ate two pieces, she had six! Meh, we're still friends, right?:p) and still wanted one more the next morning is a true and solid proof that this Tropical Fruit Honey Toast right here is one heaven of a dessert!

Tropical Fruit Honey Toast P259.00

We had an amazing dinner filled with long-spun stories about everything and anything complemented by yummy food! (though not all our choices were bull's eye.)

Meh has already invited me for a second date right in this restaurant! I must say, if you want a second date, make sure to pick the right caffe and one suggestion is Caffe Dolce. :) 

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