Monday, May 14, 2012

M&M's addiction

I have loved M&M's chocolates since I was a kid, who didn't? I only eat the Almond variant though. You know, the one with the yellow wrapper? The pieces a little bigger than the other M&M's?

I love cracking the thin chocolate candy crust then melting the chocolate away inside my mouth (yes, not in my hands!) then carefully chew the almonds until it's miniscule. I try to hoard as many almonds inside my mouth as I could before eating them. Oh, I absolutely love M&M's!!! 

It never really got boring but after all these years, maker Mars Inc. surprised me. I'm not sure if it's just new to me or to everyone. I sure hope everybody hasn't been hiding this sweet secret from me for the longest time!

I jumped seeing my sis bring home a boxful of M&M's COOKIES! Every cookie is an exact bite-size. But each pack of 250 calories just isn't enough for an M&M's junkie like me. I can easily finish two packs before I remember I'm not supposed to eat anything fatty. :D

It's the chocolate-y cookie perfection. It's not too crunchy and not too chewy, just the right mix in between. 

Since meeting M&M cookies, I've been wanting to visit S&R and bring home a box. :) I wonder when my dream will come true?

As if the cookies weren't enough surprise, I truly can't help but gush when I was looking at the Rustan's Supermarket freezers for a quarter of ice cream to devour in order to satisfy my craving and found M&M's ICE CREAM COOKIE instead! I love the Korean fish ice cream sandwich but it was pure amazement when I first bit into the M&M's ice cream cookie. It's pure M&M's heaven. It's almost painfully sweet and yummy, a mouthful of flavors. It reminds me of being young and loving ice cream and then chocolates. Now that I'm grown up, I enjoy both at the same time. 

I can't wait 'til the next M&M's evolution! :)

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