Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Balkan: My new Yugoslavian friend

One of the things I love about traveling is trying out different cuisines. Fortunately, it seems to me that there is little need to travel abroad in order to try foreign dishes. 

A friend recommended Balkan, only telling me that 1. they serve yummy food, and 2. it's Yugoslavian. I therefore just had to try it at once! 

Because we dropped by Saturday night, the place almost empty. We were told though that Balkan is usually full during weekdays with yuppies.

On to the food! There's nothing much here but the good food!

The menu isn't that long but everything just sounds funny and yummy that it took a while to decide. I resorted to minnie-minnie-my-nee-moe and ended up with these:

Batak Php290
It's amazing really. One word: batak meant "boneless chicken thigh grilled topped with melted mozarella" in their language. Imagine that! 

It's good but nothing to inspire an I-MUST-TRAVEL-TO-RUSSIA feeling. 

Jagnjetina Php700

I really have no idea how to read this dish's name but it's simply baked lamb. Oh, sorry. It's simply very good, very soft baked lamb! 

Hm... I must go to Russia... maybe in 5 years.

The last of the main entrees:

Stuffed Pljeskavica Php320

MUST stop buying useless stuff like clothes, shoes and books and save for a Russia trip!!! Maybe just to try more of this food!

Really! This dish is that good!

It looked quite innocent in the outside but when we cut it... Yummy generous mozzarella cheese comes oozing out! It's just soo delicious! I swear! :D

Well, I was kind of full but one never really got acquainted with a cuisine unless one has tried the desserts and so I ordered one.

Palacinke Php120
This traditional Serbian dessert is simply a hot crepe filled with chocolate-y nutella. I don't really like chocolates... and maybe I was kind of full already... and so... it took me two minutes to finish this plate. :D Lip-smacking good!

More Yugoslavian food please!

Ground Floor Maripola Bldg.
109 Perea St., Legaspi Village,
Makati, Metro Manila
0917-5474188, 846-0744
11am-10pm daily


  1. looks delicious! before you save up for Russia, visit me here in DC first!

    1. Hey ya KDs! No worries, i'll try my best to be able to visit you. :) I'll probably fly China, then from there fly to Russia... take the train to Europe then sail to the US to see you. :))