Monday, March 25, 2013

Pipino for the Kiddo

Although it is said it's quite hard to have kids eat vegetables and fruits, my mother never really that problem with my siblings and me. It's not because we loved our veggies so much, it is instead due to our fear of her. :D Now that we're older, we are grateful because there are times when we only eat salads especially the times we want to drop some pounds like... now that the summer season's coming in! (though I still sneak some junk foods especially when the rain suddenly falls so heavily and I feel that the summer is being boycotted!!!)

It's quite hard to eat out and find somewhere healthy to eat... but... Try Pipino (vegetarian food by Pino) where vegetables are amazingly delicious the kiddies won't even know they shouldn't have liked the food!

The place sure doesn't look like Jollibee... still, it looks very fun with the doodle wall. :)

*We had a hard time deciding on what to order and finally come down to these:

Brown Rice Rolls Php125

Because I just love makis and wished that all of them could be served with healthier rice, I just had to try this dish of makis with brown rice! It was the perfect package of mushroom, mango, cucumber and seaweed! I hope that they could separate the soy sauce though since I don't usually dip mine. :) It tastes like your typical sushi, only healthier. :D

Mango Tango Php165

Well, there's certainly no fooling the kids that these are vegetables. Just the way that it's sooo green. No, no. Don't even attempt it. 

But grown-up just love the organic greens with cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers and mangoes drizzled with tasty mango vinaigrette. I would be happy to eat just this every dinner! 

*One note to mothers, don't worry if your daughters don't eat veggies. Just fatten them up and they'll eat their greens once they hit adolescence. Teeheehee. :D 

Bagnet Tofu Stack-O with Mushroom Rice Php225

Just with the word "bagnet" we were hooked! This is would be fun to eat for the kids since it is presented in a stack-o way. :) The tofu was perfectly fried, a bit crisp and not at all oily (could it have been air-fried???)! The bagnet pieces were crispy as it could get flavored perfectly with soy sauce and vinegar. The shitake mushroom rice was a perfect company. 

Low-Fat and Cheese-less Vegan Lasagna Php120
Eating this yummy lasagna, you nor kids wouldn't realize that it's any different from your typical lasagna other than it's a lot more delicious! I was able to savour every bite knowing that it was made with low-fat ingredients and cheese-less! No guilt, I swear! :)

Portobello Inasal Php260
Let's forget about the red beet puree, ensaladang talong and brown rice it came with. The mushroom was just... YUM!!! There's no words for it! I can't imagine how kid would not like this one! Just let them play some Mario Brothers (do they even still play that game nowadays???) and they'd be begging to eat more mushrooms than Mario can ever eat. :D

I would certainly be back to try more vegetarian food by Pino. :)

38 Jupiter Street,
Bel-Air, Makati

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