Monday, March 18, 2013

Yabu vs. Crazy Katsu vs. You

Basing on the long queues in Yabu since it opened, everybody has tried Yabu by now. Some gush about it, some snob it for a second chance.
Well, here's our meal experience in Yabu!

I just love the mixing of the sauces! But still, I'm not entirely sure restaurants should do anything DIY since if a diner doesn't know how to do cook or mix the right way (like me!) they wouldn't like the food and would go away thinking the restaurant wasn't good. 

Still, I love playing my food. :D 

I ordered Hire and Seafood Katsu set, so that I could try more of the food. It was too much so I wasn't able to maximize the refillable side dishes! Booo!

Hire and Seafood Katsu set Php475

I didn't really enjoy the food... maybe because I had to finish it all which seemed too much. Or maybe because my meal included hire, prawn, cream dory, scallop, eggplant all breaded and deep fried making it all pretty much taste to me. Or maybe because I felt so guilty eating a meal this oily. :D

Chicken Katsudon Php315

Meanwhile, my company who happened to be a guy ate Chicken Katsudon which much to my embarrassment looked a lot less than my own plate. -_- I had a taste and it was definitely better than my order just because there was a variety of egg and some veggies. The chicken is just like my dory tempura though.. 

After Yabu... I no longer feel tempted to eat more of the breaded-and-fried. However, one night that I was out with friends, we somehow ended up eating in Crazy Katsu.

Chicken Katsu Php145
My friend didn't really like his Chicken Katsu, or he just liked mine better. :D 

Katsudon php150
 I'm not entirely sure about the katsudon... but I'm guessing it's pretty much the same although this looks a lot yummier to me. :D

chicken katsu salad php120

Finally, my very own order that I loved! I know this chicken katsu salad is a dieter's hypocrisy but at least when checked what I ate, I could still say that I ate a salad. :D But really, the chicken pieces were cooked just right and not overly breaded. And the "dressing" was just great! :) The flavorful was so simple that one can't just get tired of the taste. 

Overall, I would recommend heading to Crazy Katsu for a better katsu experience. It'll cost you less, and would make your palate happier! :)

Yabu: House of Katsu
LGF Robinsons Magnolia Town Center, 
Hemady St., cor. Aurora Blvd., New Manila, Quezon City

Crazy Katsu
81 Maginhawa St. 
UP Teacher’s Village, Diliman, Quezon City   

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