Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dazzled by the Puzzle Mansion

I've been so many times in Tagaytay that there's nowhere else to do there but eat. As of late, whenever we go there what we do is eat really good brunch, go to Taal Vista to read and hangout (while drinking bottomless lemonade the whole afternoon, really worth it!) and then eat yummy dinner. Thankfully, this year there seems to be lots of reasons to go back there- again and again aside from good food. 

One of those reasons is the Puzzle Mansion. I wouldn't know about this if it weren't for my sister. Of course, if I just went to Tagaytay we would've known about this anyway because of the many, many advertisements along the way. :D

Indeed, it's one big hooray for Filipinos! Another Filipino gets to be listed down in the Guinness World Records. It's none other than the record of having the biggest puzzle collection in the world! 

This woman holding the puzzle for tourists to see is the title holder. Meet Ms. Gina Gil Lacuna. She herself tours visitors around the museum pointing out pieces that are especially close to her heart, as well as sharing stories like how she got started with her puzzle collection.

There are all sorts of puzzles to be seen!

I'm particularly interest in the wooden puzzles. This is how puzzles looked like the first time they got made. There are lots and lots of different interesting shapes connected to the theme of the picture. Just splendid! 

One can also see crystal puzzles and global puzzles, or simply puzzles in every shape! 

It's actually my dream to form this type of puzzles below but I've nowhere to put them yet... Maybe next time. :D

Looky! This coca cola mosaic puzzle must've driven her nuts! True enough, Ms. Gina said that this one is one of the hardest puzzle she ever made (out of the 1,028 of the collection. Although... her granddaughter did say that only 80% of puzzle was done by Ms. Gina herself, there others were made by other family members.).

This here in the box is the largest puzzle in the world! Can't wait to see it all together! It's already in the works!

After this trip, Ms. Gina inspired me well enough to continue an Anne Gedes puzzle I started years and years ago, unfortunately it seems that I lost 3 pieces and even though I'm down to 38 pieces, I couldn't finish it!!! Although... I did buy a 1500-pc. puzzle of the world map and did finish it! :D I'm so proud of myself. Ha.Ha. It's just sooo hard to finish a puzzle that I truly salute Ms. Gina for having all that patience!

Puzzle Mansion
Cuadra Street, Brgy. Asisan, 
Tagaytay City
(or just follow the arrows all over Tagaytay!)
when lost, call:
63-2-425-5195, 63905-225-0229

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