Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lindt French Macarons is Love

Our family's hunt for the yummyiest french macarons started with my sister's friend coming from her honeymoon gave Lindt macarons as pasalubong.

Unfortunately, because I sleep early, I was not able to try even one. (The downside of having a big family? Food disappears fast! and I mean, really fast!) They were all gushing about how good it was the next morning. I didn't put much attention since I remember eating Bizu's french macarons and not liking it even one bit. Huh. But I did join the trying of all kinds of macarons we can find. :D

Then my boyfriend went on a trade mission to Australia. Out of curiosity, I asked him to buy two boxfuls for me. (Two, just to make sure I'll be able to eat one piece!)

I gave him this address: 
Lindt & Sprüngli (Australia) Pty. Ltd.
Level 7, 299 Elizabeth Street
Sydney NSW 2000

The obedient boyfriend went and saw the headquarters of Lindt in Australia. :D The offices are there, but no cafe. Bummer. He went back to his hotel only to notice a Lindt cafe right beside his hotel. *sheepish smile*

Thankfully, because he went through all that trouble he decided to bring home 5 boxes! :D *shall make more mistakes next time!*

Here's the one and only box I got to have all to myself!

I would have taken more pictures of only to make the most out of it (It costs php150 each!!!) but I got seduced and ate one after the other. (taking 5 bites each, 6 when I could manage!) 

Check them out here:

I swear! They little pieces of heaven! The meringue was perfectly soft with a little crunch and the filling has just the right sweetness.  Every flavor has its distinct taste. I loved the strawberry the best. The salted caramel and vanilla would be next in line. The christmas flavor (red and green) has a ginger tang going for it making it an interesting piece. The rest are also very good. 

Note to self: Must go to Australia soon! :D


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