Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Been to Old Swiss Inn

Roger Federer is an accomplished tennis player. He has soo many fans from all over the world. It's funny though that the Swiss do not worship him of his playing prowess, not like Manny Pacquiao who's practically a national hero here in our country. There is only one reason for this: the Swiss expect the best from everyone. No wonder they create such quality products their brands are known for; like Nestlé, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Victorinox, Lindt, and even Mövenpick.

With this in mind, I expected nothing but the best going in Old Swiss Inn.


The complimentary bread wasn't the best but it was YUMMY none the less. 

Zurich Geschnetzeltes Php385

With Knagi (Pork Knuckles) out of stock (BOO!!!), we tried the Zurich Geschnetzeltes. Hard to read, I know! Thank goodness the waiter was considerate and understood when we just said "we'll have one order of Zurich *mumble*". :D As complex as it sounds, it's pretty much simple: pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce along with VERY GOOD roesti. The taste is simply superb without any complications.

Black Seabass Php485

My order the grilled seabass served with tomato sauce and pesto sauce was very soft and delicious! I love that it's half and half so I didn't get tired of the taste. Not a boring dish as all.

Fondue Bourguignonne Php1050
I love saying that word: Bourguignonne. It just sounds so romantic and sophisticated, yes? 

I adore this highlight of our meal. We were served raw pieces of prime beef tenderloin which we spear and put into the very hot oil until it's cooked the way we wanted. I wasn't able to do a medium as I wanted but got well-done. Teeheehee. The carousel offered 12 dips or sauces and it was fun trying out and sometimes mixing them up. YUM! 

The Old Swiss Inn may be old, but it has the "old" charm. The food up to par with Swiss excellence. Heard the Makati branch is even better! MUST visit! :)

G/F Garden Plaza Hotel & Suites
1030 Belen St. Paco,
Manila, Philippines 
02 521 3002 

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