Monday, June 11, 2012

Good morning, Buon Giorno

On an impromptu trip to Tagaytay, along the lines of "Let's have some breakfast?" "Hmmm.. in Tagaytay?", we ended up in the Cliffhouse to try out Buon Giorno.

Nothing prepared us for this trip, just like no one prepared us for this restaurant. Buon Giorno means good morning and it did make our morning really good!

Dearest Tagaytay,
The slightest drizzle couldn't dampen your beauty
Instead, it just feeds to your splendor.
Nothing is better than strolling about
while your fog hugs me,
giving me butterflies in my stomach.

Making food is the best science there is.
This is what the bottle reminded me.
Consuming food is the best art there is.
This is what pinching the bread,
dipping it in beautiful swirl of olive oil and vinegar
dotted by parmesan cheese.
Oh what beauty science and art produce.
It really is true, the best things are free!

Croquettes with Mozarella Php218

Fried potatoes, so oily.
Melted cheese, so little.
Tomato sauce, so bland.
Oh how I regret consuming this croquette's calories.

Foie Gras Insalata Php339
Why is another called the goddess
When you yourself should be the one worshipped?
Foie gras makes you rich,
Greens show you earthbound,
Mangoes (or other fruits) give you color,
Caramelized pecans transform you into divinity,
and raspberry dressing just seals you fate.
I shall be your most avid admirer, Madam Insalata.

Benedict Buon Giorno P265

Mr. Benedict, please marry me.
Your eggs are my sunshine.
Your hams my strength.
Your artichokes leave me mystified. 
I have yet to meet one to compete with your greatness.

Gamberretti e Funghi Ravioli Php302

I don't know what took over me,
it might be the thin pasta, perfectly obscure?
or maybe your filling of mushroom and shrimps? 
or, alas, your rich tomato sauce?
Whatever it might be, you're definitely well-rounded.

Eggplant Parmigiana Php280

Pardon me, Mr. Parmigiana,
You just don't impress me. 
It's not that I don't like eggplants, 
and I do love cheese and tomato...
It could be as simple as 
that my tummy's already spoken for.

Tarragon tea was my salvation,
from the chilly weather that made me shiver
to my stomach that's about to burst.
Tea really is my best friend. 

**Sorry, just so inspired that I'm at the brink of studying Italian. :D

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