Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bisita in Taal Vista Lounge

It is said that it feels so good to eat yummy cold desserts during the scorching hot summer in the Philippines. If you ask me, it feels so good to eat these yummy cold desserts. Period. No matter what the weather, even when one is shivering with the cold already, a good old icy dessert is still welcome. And so during a cold, drizzly day in Tagaytay, we still ended up visiting Taal Vista for a quick sweet chilly snack.

The first thing I love with Taal Vista is the view at the back. They designed a wide expanse of a garden with the Taal Volcano as its backdrop. It's enough to make anyone's jaw drop. Lying on the grass, enjoying the cool mountain breeze swirling about in the air while reading a book is a perfect way to pass time.

Indoors, in the lounge area, where it was a bit less colder (such a rare occurrence in this country), we ordered our afternoon merienda.

When our food arrived, foreigners from the next table asked if what we're having is the halo-halo. My Filipino heart swelled with pride. Indeed, our halo-halo is gaining some fame outside the country! We kind of had a hard time explaining since we didn't want them to have the wrong idea about Filipino halo-halo.   

Saba con Hielo Php80
What my friend had was a simple saba con hielo. They were generous with the banana slices but it kinda lacks sweetness...

Fried Halo-Halo Php155


I had this before and I haven't forgotten it since. Taal Vista is the only place I know that offers halo-halo in this form. Fried lumpia wrapper gives the dish a hot factor while everything else is just cold. Inside the wrapper are the typical halo-halo ingredients like beans, jellies, coconut and others. As you can see, it's topped with a humongous scoop of ube ice cream. (Which I forgot to request to be changed to vanilla, I'm not a fan of ube ice cream.) Still, it's yum, yum, yum!

If you are a fan of halo-halo, or else a foreigner looking to try it, this fried halo-halo should be in your must-eats! Anyway, Taal Vista Hotel is a must-visit when one is in Tagaytay. :) Do drop by. :)

Taal Vista Hotel

Kilometer 60 Aguinaldo Highway 
Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines


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