Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Kitchen by Chef Chris is My Delight

I've been planning to drive all the way to Pampanga just to dine in C' Italian. Thankfully, Chef Chris (the chef at its helm) has now brought to Manila through My Kitchen in Oasis Park Hotel. It's now 30 minutes away!

The ambience is sort of formal but not uptight. Make sure not to be too comfy though, flipflops aren't welcome.

Do make a reservation since all the tables could be taken by 6:30 pm with large groups of friends and family dining there.  

All I can say is that the food is very delicious and reasonably priced for its quality and quantity. 

The complimentary bread with its pesto+olive oil+parmesan dip was just delicious! We had a third round and the waitress was more than willing to give us another one!

Ribolitta Php250
This is a classic tuscan white beans soup with assorted vegetable, ham, hock, salted bacon, bread, parmesan cheese and herbs. So the menu said. I never would've guessed what's in it. :) The picture just shows half a serving. I love the soup but would love it more if they'd give me more of the cheesy bread to dip on the soup! :D

Panizza Kristina Php720

I shall return if only for the sublime panizza! With the crust very thin, I was able to savour the taste of bacon, mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes. Rolling the panizzas was real fun, for some reason. It's a simple task that I enjoyed so much! 

Of course, we washed our hands first! 

Osso Buco Maestri Php980/350grams or Php1400/500grams
I have to admit, I ordered Osso Buco since I just read about it in the book I was reading that time. I've never noticed it on any other menu here in the Philippines and so I had to "Wiki" it during that time. I learned that it's "a Milanese specialty of cross-cut veal shanks braised with vegetable, white wine and broth." Like the typical way of serving it, it came with real good saffron risotto. Sounds just so delicious, tastes much better!

Slow Roasted Lamb Ribs with Garlic and Rosemary Rub Php980
This is supposed to be big enough for 2-3 people but it was finished by one. :)  It doesn't mean that the serving was small. It was BIG! My companion is simply a VERY BIG eater. No wonder, because the lamb was really soft and flavorful in the best way there is.

We loved this restaurant so much, I just added it to my list of top restaurants! We shall be back for sure!

My Kitchen by Chef Chris
G/F Oasis Park Hotel
1032-34 Belen Street
Paco, Manila, Philippines
(632) 521-2371 to 7

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