Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gulp Schlurp

As usual, I arrive home hungry and ready to devour whatever is on the table. Alas, my sister is cooking up (well, baking up...) yummy baked salmon! As delicious as it is, it takes quite a looong while to be done. I therefore diverted for the meantime to the fridge. 

Surprise! Bottled milk tea my sister bought from Quincy, the nearby grocery. 

It's about time. With all the craze of milk tea and C2's bottled one which is no match to the real thing, I was waiting for someone else to produce one with good results. 

Schlurp is just how I like my milk tea. It has jellies (not sago/tapioca). It's not too creamy. It's not sweet (so I can fool myself that's it's not as fattening as others.). Best of all, it's readily available whenever I crave for some!   

Oops, don't try the website (It's not YET there in cyberspace.), just go for the facebook page.  But honestly, 100 calories for milk tea?? I just might not gain some more weight with all these bottles! 

This is just great. Milk tea up the mountains. Milk tea by the virgin beaches. Imagine the possibilities! :D 

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