Monday, March 19, 2012

Hungry for Hungarian? Try Magyar!

We came across Magyar a long time ago. We were just checking out restaurants in Paseo de Magallanes and it greeted us with a big 'HELLO!" No, I don't speak Hungarian. I just know one word which is magyar meaning hello! I think it would surely be useful when I visit the country. :D

We fell in love with quaint restaurant the first time we ate there. We try to eat there as often as we could to support the never full (not the LV bag!) restaurant not just because it has good food but also because it is the only Hungarian restaurant we know. 

Last saturday night, at 7pm, we entered the expectedly empty restaurant. We sat down and ordered right away, our stomachs growling with excitement.

We start off our meal with the night owl soup. It's what they call the perfect hangover soup. It's a mix of sauerkraut, sausage, bacon, pork with sour cream and paprika. That's what the menu said. But for me, it's just a bowlful of perfectly tasty soup! I actually ate it as a dip for the service bread just because I felt like it. 

Night Owl Soup P115

I'm not sure if it's the goulash that the popular Hungarian legend pertained to. It's something that goes like this: Once upon a time, Hungarians were very hungry due to food shortage that nobody wanted to share their food. One cunning man started a fire and boiled water. He put in stones and was making a big racket of how good his stew was, but wouldn't it be better if it had some potatoes? A spectator with some shared his potatoes. The man said, "Wow! This is turning out to be such a good stew! But wouldn't it be better if it had some carrots?" One of his audience with some shared his. On and on it went until it truly was a great stew and everyone shared the finished dish. Well, I would think that this is that dish! It's just so tasty with the mushrooms, paprika, and other herbs. It's somewhat redundant though since it's not far from the night owl soup. So I recommend that one just have one of  the two.

Mushroom Goulash

The next dish is simply a favorite of mine! The stuffed cabbage is again so yummy with the mixed taste of mean, tomato sour cream with rice wrapped in cabbage. It just tasted so healthy to me and a great way to eat rice (something I'm not fond of despite being a Filipino). 
Stuffed Cabbage P95

Last but definitely not the least (such a cliched line!) was the lamb paprika. This is something I just love rolling off my tongue (well, more of lips). 'Paprika' just sounds nice to me, like catapult. Oops, geek slip. The Lamb paprika was definitely cooked the right way. None of the slimy taste that you get when eating lamb. It's served with small grains of pasta which I initially thought was corn. The pasta bits felt good while you chew it. It's something I can just chew and chew and chew even when my jaw grows tired.

Lamb Paprika P345
There you are, a Hungarian meal at its best right here in Manila! Unfortunately, I can't comment whether it tastes authentic of not since I haven't been Hungary to feast on there yummylicious dishes. Anyway, I still believe that a Filipino would still prefer a "Filipinized" foreign dish than an authentic one. Duh, it's suited to their taste. *eye roll*

Magyar Hungarian Restaurant

Unit 3 Mega Center Paseo de Magallanes, 
San Antonio St., Brgy. Magallanes
Makati City, Philippines
(Right outside Magallanes Village)
*I'd give the number but you won't really need it. :p

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