Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Traces of the past in Casa Roces

When Fred arrived, I told him, "You have two choices. One, we eat turtle soup with Chinese food. Two, we eat Filipino food." He chose the latter, being courageous with everything save for what he puts in his mouth and actual pain. 

So we headed to Malacanang Complex, to the corner past La Cocina de Tita Moning in search of Casa Roces.

Upon arriving, we left the car the to the valet driver and stepped on the red carpet. Uhhh..., it's just an imaginative red carpet but the simple decor of the reception and dining area with exquisite accents makes very posh yet homey ambience.  

While waiting for our food, we browsed the books and accessories on sale in the mini boutique...

... and ogled the very yummy desserts on display. We were sorely tempted to order the white chocolate sansrival for P710.00 despite having ordered a dessert already but we were thankfully able to suppress the urge.  

Our growling tummies were thankful for the fast service! Our food started to arrive a little more than 10 minutes after we ordered. (Thank you iphone for the time stamps.)
Warm Breaded Goat Cheese w/ Salad P210

First came the Warm Breaded Goat Cheese 

Onion Soup Gratin P125

Fred complained that the Onion Soup Gratin wasn't as good as the French Onion Soup. Well, I guess it wasn't suppose to taste like that. Instead, there's bread and a piece of unmelted mozzarella cheese which makes for a good soup. 

Trufle Mushroom Puree P210

Now, the Truffle Mushroom Puree was just divine. It's has an honest flavor of mushrooms we so love!!! It's nothing like your ordinary canned Campbell's cream of mushroom but the polar opposite of it.

Bulalo Steak ala Pobre P355

Bulalo Steak Ala Pobre was what Fred ordered for his main dish. He was ever so sweet offering me the best part of it- the bone marrow or whatever you call the divinely soft meat inside the bone. It's sad it's so small. The rest of the dish was soft and tasty as well.

Salmon Wellington P420 Hot Salabat (made cold) P55
The salmon was cooked the Filipino way, which means it's a bit overcooked. It was delicious anyway merged with the breading and the sauces (I've no idea what kind! I'm an eater not a cook!:p). I just think it's yum, yum and yum! I ordered the hot salabat but asked it to be iced and it was great! If you're into the ginger ale flavor. 

Malacanang Frozen Souffle P390
Finally! Our dessert arrives in all its cold yummy splendor. This souffle was coated with crushed pistachios stuck on the lemon custard with the frozen crust at the bottom. It's always best to just dig to the bottom (no matter how messy that could turn out) and eat this as a whole slice from top to bottom. That's how you'll discover the icy fireworks in your mouth!

Casa Roces
1153 J.P. Laurel cor. Aguado St.,
San Miguel, Manila
(inside Malacanang Complex and right across Malancang Palace)
735-5896, 708-4020

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  1. i'm in love with that frozen souffle as well!!! yumm yum yummm!