Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tumpak with Nasi Lemak (Bull's Eye)

We visited Nasi Lemak in Robinson's Galleria because I wanted to post about their stingray. Much to our disappointment, we were informed by the waiter that they do not serve stingray anymore. 

We did not go home in vain though. We were served really good food!

First came the unique Kueh Pai Ti, Singapore's answer to sushi. I love anything crunchy but there were a lot more other reasons why I loved it. The shrimp was perfectly fresh as well as the vegetables that went with it. Mouthful perfection! I was actually tempted to wrestle Fred for the last one. :D

Kueh Pai Ti P180.00

Next up was another appetizer: Crispy baby squids!! I kind of felt guilty eating such young things! But well, they're just soo yummy that it's a lot easier to just reason that well, don't we all wish to die a meaningful death? And very meaningful it was having been made into such a yummy dish.

Crispy Baby Squid P160.00

Our third appetizer (only made possible by not ordering any rice!) the satay was a mix of pork and chicken. It's as expected, delicious (moist and peanut-y!) even though it wasn't served hot.  

Satay P288.00
I've always happily indulged in Hainanese chicken especially when it's boiled to perfection. This one certainly did not disappoint. I love it dipped with soy sauce and then the ginger sauce. :) 
Hainanese Chicken P228.00
This is my least favorite dish, the Honey Mustard Spareribs. It's still good though!  I'm just trying to eat less of the breaded and fried foods. So Fred happily devoured the 4 pieces left. 

Honey Mustard Spareribs P280.00
To finish off our meal, Fred had two soft boiled eggs- his favorite food in the whole wide gastronomic world! Lucky me, it must be the easiest thing to cook (I'm not sure because I have never tried. -_- )! Well, predictably, Fred just ate it all without leaving some for me to try.      

Soft Boiled Egg P28.00

I don't usually go for fusion restaurants but Nasi Lemak does offer great quality food for very reasonable prices. I'd even say they had under-appraised their dishes. Each one is so full of flavor, it'd surely keep your taste buds well-exercised! :) 

Nasi Lemak 

2/f East Lane, Robinsons Galleria, EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(it's right beside Krispy Kreme)
(02) 571-8988

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