Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Sunday's Bike Challenge

... And it finally happened, despite all kinds of challenges! (Double booking of the venue, generator failure, etc.) The 10th Fil-Chi Springfest Oishi Bike Challenge took place last March 25, 2012 along Macapagal Avenue. 

The registration opened to a looong line (with so many trying to cut in in vain. :) ). At Php 350.00/registration, joining was truly worth it with all the freebies  and the opportunity to win the glorious golden trophies. I would've but I still have yet to learn how to bike without training wheels. :D

I was so excited for the race to start. Not to see Fred race, but to witness the VERY FIRST folding bike competition in our country!

Participants were asked to fold their bikes and leave it by the starting line then take several steps back. I had a laugh seeing a couple of guys in long sleeves and tie! Wow! I made sure to take lots of pictures of these guys. (They scored more pictures than Fred. Oops.)

Here are my two favorite participants. Aside from the corporate outfit, I loved the society shirt of Tiklop Society of the Philippines with their draw-on coat and tie. So adorable!

Sadly, none of the two made it to the top 6. But they did finish the race. I mentioned top 6 instead of 5 because 1) there were only 6 that didn't fall out from the winning group. 2) I "befriended" the 6th while I was by the registration booth. He was the last one to register for the folding bike race, claiming he was just asked to buy some oil and saw the race. Ha.Ha. Congratulations to all the winners and finishers though. :)

Here are other shots. I was most interest in this category (sorry Fil-Chi...) mostly because they look so cool to take photos of. (I just have too many pictures of normal cyclists, some still, some panning and some of everything I thought of.) There was a kid with his bag hanging at the back of his seat. There were beautiful ladies! (From Folding Bike Philippines) and then there're the guys who were in corporate attire. There were also those who looked like they just went out to get some exercise. These were a huge break from the typical jerseys. (which reminds me of my brother who wore jersey with cycling shorts and rubber shoes *only because he had no clickers* just to bike to the nearby store to buy some bread. :D)

Alas, the folding bike category closes and I turn to the simultaneous race, Fil-Chi sport along with novice and women wherein some well-trained novices went side by side with those in the sport category. :D Surely, beginners and women (yey, feminism! :p) are not to be taken lightly!

While others were busy looking on the race, a participant took the chance to have a photo op with the golden trophies. I should've done that too! Haha. :D 

Finally, it's time for Fred's race: Fil-Chi Elite. One minute, they're just sitting about, the next, they're off! Pedaling so hard after clearing the starting line, they kinda remind me of bulls being set free, with all that power pumping. 

From the start of the race, Fred and a fellow cyclist broke off from their group. I was quite surprised since a break away was so unlike Fred who wasn't "in form" at all. I had two minds about this. Either he's not going to be able to finish the race or else he'd be sure to be either first or second. He looked a lot like a tired old man (peace!!!) but he was able to maintain with the break away. 

As I awaited at the finish line, iphone at a ready to video his win, I was absolutely sure Fred would finish first seeing him just behind his opponent at 200m. I know by now his posture when he'd built enough momentum to win when his opponent cut and Fred had to break. Aw.. Well, he did win second. As Fred said, his opponent won fair and square. He made a mistake heading for the wrong direction. Oh well, better luck next time. He did win second, so that means I'm still going to his next competition. :D

Fred awarded with the trophy he himself chose. I swear, the reason why he chooses the best trophies is because he himself would get one! :p

Congratulations to all the winners and to the organizers for the successful event. :) 

*Sorry I have no more photos after this, having ran out of memory.*
*Also, thanks Meh for generously lending me your dslr while mine's in the hospital. :)*

Until next June, Fil-Chi. :)

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