Monday, March 12, 2012

Hopia Like the Bacon Way

I'm not fan of hopia, but there's one hopia that I love- That's bacon hopia! Who would've known there's such a thing??

I've never really been to where you can get it since we always get somebody else to do the pick up for us an hour after we call in the order. 

When it arrives, a box of 24 (Php 360) is gone in 5 minutes! It's just so weird with the smell and taste of bacon but it really does work! It's also moist inside that makes the whole thing a good hopia experience.

Try it with an open mind. Somebody I know liked it until he figured out it's bacon and not "something different" he's tasting. -_-

While you're at it, why not try their salted egg flavored hopia as well? :)

Kim Chon Tin Hopia Factory & Grocery
149 C. Palanca St., Manila

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