Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gotta Have Some Balls to Play Paintball

The first time we went to play paintball, I didn't hit anyone! This time, I finally did- multiple times! I have to admit it was just a lucky shot though. Everything was blurry (Due to nearsightedness) and with all the rain, I just stuck out my gun and fired away, praying I'm not wasting my bullets on shadows. 

I'm so blessed to have friends who are game- rain or shine! It was raining quite hard but since we were there, everyone decided to go on anyway.

There's just something about 'war games' (no airsoft for us though) that makes your heart hammer madly with the fear of being hit (though it hardly hurts unless you're hit on your bare skin) and with the excitement of hitting somebody (preferably on bare flesh! hihihi...). It's just something that's fun to try once in your lifetime. Then, if you love it, try again, and again, and again. :)  

Playing is easy. Just crouch down and cover your ears! Or else, crouch down, stick your gun out and fire away! :D  The guys love to attack though- they don't mind slipping on the butts in the mud!

You can play in the Global Gutz field near CCP Complex. I'm sure you'd see this going to Mall of Asia for Php 500 with 100 bullets and Php 2.50 per additional bullet. This 100 bullets would last you three rounds (more if you get hit early during the games, or if you're not so trigger happy.). I advise against purchasing Global Gutz paintball deals through Groupon and the likes. It's usually Php 250 per deal but I saw that they offer 20 bullets (or something) only and there's no point in playing with that few bullets. -_-

A plus, this would help you appreciate the bravery of our military. Ha.Ha. :)

Global Gutz 
Paintball Field CCP Macapagal Ave. cor. Gil Puyat 
Pasay, Philippines

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