Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Crescent Moon Cafe Under the Sun

What would make a restaurant qualify as a destination restaurant?

1. Getting partially lost looking for the place. Check.

We got directions from the ourawesomeplanet blog but still got confused with the directions. (Must be because we turned left when it said right. Hehe.) As always, asking the tricycle drivers got us where we wanted. 

Here is a simple map they provide for better directions.

2. There are lots of interesting subjects littered about the place.

The place has a charm that would draw people who are looking for a brief retreat from the hustle bustle of the city. Exploring the place, I wished for many times that I brought my DSLR with me. I honestly wanted to throw my iphone with its unsatisfactory camera. 

There were turtles, frogs and fishes of different species that are very enchanting. It was hard to believe we were just an hour away from the city. 

3. The place should offer something unique.

After exploring the outdoors, we went into the equally fascinating pottery studio of Ms. Lanelle Abueva-Fernando. From the display, you can see that she was commissioned by high-profile hotels for their ceramic needs.  


4. Most of all, the food should be great!

I am so thankfully the cafe accommodated us even when we didn't make any reservations. The staff happily served us anyway. :)

The house rule is that you pay Php 450 for a set meal. Diners doesn't have a say on what they're going to be served. No worries, they serve very good food!

First off is the lumpia-inspired dish. For wrappers, we got felt-paper-textured alagao leaves. We got 8 choices for stuffings which we just mixed together which turned out just great. I beg that you don't ask what they are since the only things I could name is the mangos, ginger, onions. They others were kind of odd but in a positive way. :)

The end result: 

Filipino favorite sinigang was served next. The meat are salmon belly pieces. It's not very sour as some wants their sinigang. This one is just the way I like mine.

Of all the dishes, this is the one I liked least: fried dory, because I'm trying to stir away from fried stuff. (fried = breakouts!!!) 

It's not so bad though. It's soft and tasty.

The spicy pork they served wasn't very spicy. Again, perfect for my palate! It's just yummy and soft! The servings weren't that big but it's just right for the amount we paid, as well as the meal as a whole. Any more and we wouldn't have been able to finish. -_-

The Malaysian chicken curry was just as good. I'm telling you: everything they served was plain good Filipino food! (Okay, so this is Malaysian. Change of statement, plain good ASIAN food.)

Saved the best for last! The fine noodles in curry sauce with vegetables was just unique and superb. Better finish it soon though since the crispy noodles do turn soggy and although it's still good, it's best crisp!

Oh, wait! We were soo full but there's always room for dessert.

The Crescent Moon Cafe is definitely a place worth driving out of town for. It'd be probably a lot better though to visit during the night or when the wether is a bit colder. :)

The Crescent Moon Cafe
Ascencion Road, 
Bgy. Dalig, Antipolo City
(02) 638-5854

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