Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hellu Lulu!

A dog of a best friend of mine is named Lulu. Dining in Lulu, it reminded me of this particular friend of mine. If she were a restaurant, this would probably how it would be. Hihi. :D

I'll tell you about her. 

She's very simple yet fashionable, preferring to wear plain pieces jazzing her getup with an accent or two. (Most probably with something that glitters. :D) Oh, and chances are she'd be wearing something red, as it's her favorite color!

With this friend of mine, everything is fairly uncomplicated yet not boring. There's a level of comfort you don't get with everyone.

She's full of little surprises and full of contradictions.

This particular friend of mine is also the jet-setter. Yesterday she was in the States, today she's in Taiwan, tomorrow she'll be in Japan. 

She's many things and people might interpret her in different ways but she's definitely a good person with always the good intentions. 

She has a certain way of doing things, just like the food.

Zucchini Blossom Tempura Php260
(Davao Goat Cheese filled Zucchini Blossoms, Tempura fried, served with Sugo di Pomodoro)

Lulu's Onion Soup Php195
(Classic Onion Soup, Caramelized Onion and Beef Broth,
Gruyere gratinated Sourdough and Oregano)  

Green Tea Salmon Php650
(Sous Vide Salmon scented with Japanese Green Tea.
Served with wilted Spinach & Lemon Mashed Potato.)

Herb Encrusted Lamb Cutlets Php695
(Adorning warm bejeweled Couscous.)

Edamame Risotto Php550
(Silky Risotto with Japanese Edamame or soy beans)

OF COURSE, if you'll just check out her blog, read some of her posts you'll realize she's not a cheapskate. Just like the prices. :D

G/F Joya Bldg., Joya Drive
Rockwell Makati City, Manila


  1. if this is me I am literally crying my eyes out now... nagwawaterfalls na eyes ko dito. thank you for the beautiful write up specially remembering/comparing me with a nice restaurant...