Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kulinarya Kitchen @ Rockwell, A Culinary Experience

I have found love! 

It might be surprising that I met THEM in a mall I don't really like. *Sorry Rockwell! You're just too small and too pricy for me. This might be good sometimes though.*

No matter, with Kulinarya Kitchen, I don't really need more restaurants to choose from!

My first love are the Mediterranean rolls. It has an exotic kind of appeal. The lamb meat is common but still hard to find. Not to mention healthy with veggies like bell pepper, tomatoes and eggplants. 
Mediterranean Roll php225

Next comes the love-hate kind of love. I hate Mac 'n Cheese, but I recently found out that I just don't like the cheap ones nor the express ones. The Kulinarya's version (although relatively cheap) was flavorful and just the way it should be: comforting!

Fusilli & Cheese with Bacon php195
Now this here is my true love. I had long, long ago found the best sea bass in town! A wee bit pricy but very worth it! I love to savour every bite, if you could call it a bite! The fish just melts in my mouth with every forkful! I treasure every minute eating this sea bass.

Chilean Sea Bass php720
I'm not sure if there's such a thing but if there is, this steak must be my fling love. It's good while it lasted but it's not exactly healthy for me nor do I want it to last forever. This is supposed to be a family platterat 16 oz. but some healthy appetite can finish this off for sure. It's your typical oh-so-yummy steak.

U.S. Top Blade Steak php995

Last but definitely not the least is my sweetest love. One dessert I have absolutely fallen in love with is the Banana & Lanka Royale. The first time, I found it weird to have sesame seeds with it, but one spoonful and I see why. It just works! 

Banana & Lanka Royale php150

This can be a kitchen I can go home to every night. 

Kulinarya Kitchen

1/Lvl., Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 898-1738


  1. Thank you much for writing about Kulinarya Kitchen. No one has written about our food and related it to love the way you did. The people behind the restaurant love what we do and that is serving good food everyday. And reading good comments like this makes all our efforts worthwhile.
    When you come back to Kulinarya, you have to try our Seafood Salad Maki. It's on us. Just tell your server the secret code "mentalfeet" and they will know.
    More power to your blog and we appreciate the good comment.

    1. Thank YOU for serving great food we can rave about! :) I'm truly a fan of Kulinarya Kitchen for many years now. If I can request though, I hope you guys can resurrect the Taco Pizza. I was broken hearted when you took it out of the menu. :(
      Wow! Thanks for the Seafood Salad Maki! I can't wait to try it! :)