Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Le Bistro D' Agathe is Le Magnifique

Do I know French food? I thought I did until we came to this (relatively) newly opened French bistro. It's actually an art gallery as well. (How's that for multi-tasking?) The three times we went here, they had different sets of pieces.

It's not posh or anything but it's one unique restaurant.

There's two ways of dining here. One, you can order by set menu where you get to choose an appetizer, main dish, and dessert. The first time we dined here, we went that route but found we didn't like the dessert much. So we went the other way which is ordering ala carte.

The service bread wasn't anything special, but it is free so I won't complain and just say it was a good service bread with butter. They don't reprimand you if you ask for another basket.

Toast Tomato Mozzarella P200.00
This is only half of it, don't worry. We loved the mozzarella on top of the fresh tomatoes. We should've ordered the Tomato Mozzarella at P180.00 the only difference was the bread. We could've just put it on top of the service bread and saved P20. :D It was good though, and totally worth it.

Boeuf Bourguignon P580, P760 if set menu
Before, this was just a day special, but I guess it was such a hit that it's now added to the everyday menu. It doesn't look yummy in my clumsy picture, and it doesn't look yummy in real life but it bursts with so much flavor (It should be! It takes days to prepare it according to the chef.). It has a wine-y flavor that those who love to drink would surely love it- well, even non-drinkers would not "whine" about this! The chef advises to have this with pasta with which they would mix the sauce but since we ordered a pasta, we chose to have rice much to his dismay.

Lasagna w/ Salad P310, P580 if set menu
I've always wanted to try the lasagna but we had so many dishes we wanted to try like the ox tongue with ravigote sauce, salmon papilotte and beef stroganoff that it had to take the backseat. Alas, I am able to sample it out. Sadly, I didn't enjoy it so much. No, no, it's not bad at all, it's just that the other dishes were a lot better than this one. 

As I guess you've figured out, we just love this French bistro. This is actually why I decided to start blogging about restaurants as well. To spread the word about these small hole-in-the-wall yummy restaurants. :) 

A short note: when we tried the salmon papilotte, we found it to be overcooked. When we mentioned this to ze French cook (he's also ze owner and he likes to mingle with his diners), he said that he used to cook it until it's still a little pinkish but Filipino patrons complained his fish to be half-cooked and so he adjusted to them (he's doing business after all.) and started to overcook his salmon much to his frustration. If you want to try his salmon, make sure to specify that you don't want it overcooked and savor the soft salmon texture.

Le Bistro d'Agathe
1154 A Lacuna St. cor. Rodriguez Avenue, 
Bangkal, Makati, Philippines
(it's where the Fat Michael's used to be)


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