Monday, April 2, 2012

Italiano Pasto

I love weekends. It's when I can cheat on my diet. (As if I don't cheat everyday...:p)

I had to meet Meh to borrow her DSLR (mine's unfortunately still in the hospital for cleaning and repair.:c) in Greenhills. Where to eat, where to eat?? I know GH is filled with restaurants, sadly, I just don't really fancy eating in much of them. We ended up in Pasto.

I am amazed that most people, even Meh who basically lives in GH, dosn't know Pasto. I guess it's their location above Starbucks, in the mezzanine where people doesn't usually look. I wouldn't have noticed it if it weren't for a friend. This is sad because their food is yummy!

We started our dinner with  refillable iced teas in lemon and raspberry flavors. It's so good I finished three glassfuls, which is out of character for me since I don't drink much.

Te Freddo Php 115.00

For antipasto (or appetizer), we had Di Mare which is basically a seafood salad with some greens. I loved the shrimps and squids; Fred loved the smoked salmon and alfalfa sprouts all doused in delicious mango vinaigrette. If somebody could just buy me this salad everyday, I might finally stick to a salad diet! :) (ahem, ahem, I sure hope Fred's reading this. :D)

Di Mare Php 235.00

Another appetizer we had, supposed to be part of the main course, was Salmone. I loved how the bread was perfectly toasted. Fred liked the smoked salmon (though he just had some from the salad), the capers and the onions. I would have loved the mascarpone if I knew what part of the sandwich that is. Hehehe.

Salmone Php 215.00
Then came the pizza! They all found the pizza so-so but I LOVED it! It was so fabulously thin ("healthy" to me!) and crisp. The tomatoes weren't sliced the typical way into round slices but into fourths which made it all the more juicy. The spinach was rightfully spicy, the onions a little sweet and the feta cheese (!!!!!). I haven't met one person who doesn't like cheese. I found this pizza sapid (adj. flavorful. thank you reader's digest! :D) thou it was just me.

Spinaci e Feta Php 295.00
La Coppa Php 495.00

This is what I ordered for my main course because I just love shrimps! Sadly, I couldn't share if the shrimps were fresh or done well. Fred took them away from me since I'm not supposed to have too many shrimps. Bummer. The steak was really yummy, everyone agreed on this. The angel hair pasta was really bad. Everyone agreed on this as well.

Lasagna Php 295.00
Fred didn't like his order so Meh and I happily finished this one! It's definitely not lacking in sauces. It's not dry like some could get. Again, it's very sapid! (I sure hope I'm using this word correctly. hahaha.)

Pollo Cremoso Php 225.00

Arrabiata Php 195.00

I was full by the time we came to these two dishes, so I wasn't able to steal more than a forkful from Saul's and Meh's plates. (And I am one who loves, loves sneaking spoonfuls from another's plate!) One therefore shouldn't put so much weight on what I have to say regarding these.

I didn't like Pollo Cremoso which becomes bland once you've (or in my case somebody else had) finished all the tasty mushrooms, chicken and sun-dried tomatoes. Meh herself didn't enjoy her plate much. 

The best for the last? The Arrabiata was tomato-y at its very best. It's their bestseller according to our waitress. It's not their best entree though. Nonetheless, Saul was able to wipe it all off the plate in an instant. I barely had enough time to snatch some penne(s)!

Well, for just a few minutes, we were able to eat this much. This is one of the reasons I just love eating with Meh & Saul, they're such hearty eaters along with Fred. I barely get to eat before they finish the food off. Less calories and fat for me. :)


Mezzanine, Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas Ave.
San Juan, Metro Manila
(Above Starbucks/Deli France, Theater Mall)

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