Monday, February 13, 2012

Swooning in La Cocina de Tita Moning

Thanks to Deal Grocer, we got to experience La Cocina de Tita Moning for Php 1,250 only when the usual rate is Php 1,800++ depending on the menu.

Was the restaurant worth it (even with the discount)? Well, not really. But the over-all experience was! 

The first part of the tour was sitting outside in a veranda to enjoy the fresh air, to eat some bread and drink some ginger ale. The pre-meal appetizer was yummy, setting our expectations high. 

In the library.
The second part of the tour was the tour of the house itself. It's one of the first art deco houses found along San Rafael St. (THE street in the 1930's) inside Malacanang Compound. The library has this musty smell of old, old books. (Smells like heaven to me!) Then the other parts of the house were just interesting, especially the ancient things you can find. One of this is a real skeleton the owner Don Alejandro Legarda (a doctor) studied. Apparently, he himself dug it off the ground. (Medicine students should be thankful.) With all the stuff, it must be said that the family are great collectors of many things.

A morse code machine the equally ancient Fred identified. Peace! :)

The skeleton they befriended.

Finally, our guide heard our stomachs rumbling and led us to the dining room for the last and most exciting part of the tour: dinner!
Taking pictures to distract us while waiting for our food.

The food thankfully arrives soon enough. First came bread you eat with mushroom sauce we used sparingly for fear we finish it too soon. Then the real appetizer plate finally arrives:
Gambas Al Ajillo, Grilled eggplant salad, Wild truffle risotto.
I have to say it, it's the best course that we were served.
For the main course, we had lengua cooked in white wine along side sauteed fresh ubud which we finished before realizing we hadn't taken any picture of. (You'll see that I do that a lot. Must try to practice more self-control!) This is the only dish we were allowed to have as much as we can contain.

We also had a pan (for every 2 people) of Paella Valenciana which as you can see isn't just rice. It was yummy!

For dessert, we had a plate of sad fruits and happy bread pudding which was absolutely yummy we just finished them off with out taking a shot! :D

To finish off our dinner, we had a cupful of native chocolate which you stir with a roll of cinnamon. For someone who doesn't like chocolates, I found it nice to drink.

I signed the guestbook taking a colored pentel pen out of this cute bejeweled box I prayed I'd be taking home as part of the tour. (depressingly, it wasn't.)

I suspect the food portions and the menu itself could've been better if we didn't go there paying with vouchers. Nevertheless, it was nice meeting Tita Moning.

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