Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eat Fresh, fresh from Hong Kong

Well, no, not really. It's all made locally. But it does try to capture the taste of Hong Kong street food which I so love.

On my way home from work, I stopped by Eat Fresh to take home some food.

While waiting, I love seeing the kitchen of restaurants. It means that they let you see it because they're confident of their sanitation. I love watching as my food gets done as well. It's like falling in love, the skipping of your heart as you see your treasure going from raw to cooked! :D

In the car, the smell of fresh pancake wafted out of its box... Hm... I love the smell of pancakes, it's like the smell of popcorn which is quite addicting. (the smell not the food itself.:p)

I peeked into the box. I took one ball... yum! Then another... yum!! Then another... yum!!! Until I finished it all before I even reached home. Tsktsk. So much for sharing with siblings. :D

Hong Kong Pancake Balls Php60.00

I finally reached home (that looong 5-minute ride home!) and opened my bowl of curry balls. This is Hong Kong street food at its best (in the Philippines)!!!

They mixed it all together which is better. I had fun picking through it with my Ditsi. First, I picked the pig ears! My sister was quite curious what it was and when I told her, her reply was, "What? Why are you eating exotic food???" I never thought of pig ears as exotic mostly because Filipinos (as well as Chinese) never did waste any part of an animal. It's already dead might as well make the most out of its death I guess. The ears were truly delicious! There were parts that have a thin layer of fat which melts in your mouth. Hm. And then the cartilage that is so perfectly crunchy. 

The crab egg roll was worth every gram of cholesterol. It's curry-ly yummy and soft as opposed to when it's just fried. 

We loved the lobster cheese roll. Sadly, they just give you one per serving. It's like the mozzarella balls we admire so much, only better since there were more cheese to be savored. 

I didn't know if the snow shrimps were good. I'm not suppose to eat shrimp because I'm prone to infection. But between you and me, it was good and tasted fresh to my untrained tongue. :)

Clockwise: Crab egg roll P35/3pcs, Pig Ears P35/3-4pcs,
Crab egg roll bitten, Lobster cheese roll P25/1pc. Snow shrimps P35/3pcs.

I'm not done yet! Another bowl with a spicier mix contained fish balls, pork isaw and goto. 

I was eating this beside my grandmother as she ate her own misua when she put a piece of kidney in my bowl and quickly snatched a piece of fish ball. I asked if she liked it. She didn't. She said it was too spicy for her. But when she thought I wasn't looking, she took another one. Teeheehee. 

I didn't like the goto so much, but then I don't normally eat goto so I'm not sure if I just didn't like goto or the way they made it. 

The pork isaw was kind of weird to me since I'm used to having it  barbequed. It's so-so I guess.  

The fishball was... Just like Hong Kong's! I'll forever remember eating curry fish ball in HK Disneyland. (I was just craving and paying the extra HKD was worth it!) Eating these fishballs bring me back to that time. Hm. Mickey  Mouse heaven!

Top to Bottom: Fishballs P25/4pcs, Big Pork Isaw/Intestine P25/stickful, Goto P25/4pcs. 

Last but definitely not the least, I had the HK style fried noodles! My sister poured in all the sauces. It tasted peanut-y which I'm looking forward for Meh to try. (She loves peanut butter!) It's a good rendition of HK style noodles. I was told that this is what they're most popular for in Binondo where a bowl would just cost P10 (I'm not sure what year this was.) and students from UNO and St. Stephen would buy and eat their noodles pouring the all-you-can sauces. Yum, yum, yum! 

Hong Kong Style Fried aNoodles P50

Other dishes they are serving are the claypot congee and claypot rice, along with other short orders. We love ordering their almond shake too. It's a good thing they're quite near my home. :)

Eat Fresh (Maria Clara)
100-A Ma. Clara St., Bgy. Sto. Domingo
Quezon City, M.M.
(Behind Tazza)
516-8022, 475-0789
closed on Sundays

Eat Fresh (Abad Santos)
1308 Jose Abad Santos, cor. Padre Algue St.
Tondo, Manila
546-9580, 311-6179

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