Tuesday, April 3, 2012

J. Co Donuts will make you Nuts

I've been drooling over my crush jinlovestoeat's post. I shared with Fred how delighted I would be if "somebody" were to buy me these donuts soon. Of course, my very thoughtful and sweet boyfriend bought me some to make me happy. :D

He bought two dozens (I have a HUGE family) for just Php550, plus a half dozen for Php230. A boxful of mixed flavors and another of just the green tea flavored one and alcapone. Then the half doz for a friend. 

Sugar Ice

Funilla Glaze


Berry Spears

The first two didn't look yummy to me so I just took my sister's words that Krispy Kreme is better when it comes to the glazed donuts. Meisisipi, the chocolate crispy-d donut, was just ham-ham to me. (But I'm not really fond of chocolate.) The Berry Spears is berry yummy!!! It has a jam thing going for it outside and then the cream filling going for it inside. 

That's just for starters though. Here are the best of the loot:

Why Nut
 Why not try Why Nut? It's another yummy donut filled with peanut butter and topped with white chocolate. They say it's healthy with anti-oxidants but even if it's unhealthy why not eat one anyway? 

Heaven Berry
 I have no questions why it's called Heaven Berry. One bite just shoots you up into the skies with the strawberry cream on top and the subtle cream filling. It's sweet yet not too sweet.

I'm a sucker for white chocolate and almonds. This is their perfect union. It's just crunchy and creamy in the right way. I can forgive Al Capone for any crime he did just for this! 

Green Tease
Green Tease sure is the best teaser! You can definitely convince yourself to try one because of all the best macha powder packed with anti-oxidants and all those health benefits. But one donut sure won't be enough and too much of something is bad. But with something that tastes so good, who cares? 

Fred was really sweet for buying all these donuts. But I guess the donuts were sweeter. He wasn't able to resist eating them while driving to my place and so it arrived looking like this:

Looking at their facebook page, I can't help but long to try more flavors like the Avocado Dicaprio, Cheese Me Up, Mr. Green Tea and Blueberry More. Oh geez, I'm not a fan of Hollywood, and I sure would am a big fan of these celebrity donuts! 

Gotta "parinig" more to get more donuts. :)

J.Co Donuts & Coffee
The Strip, SM Megamall Bldg. B,
Julia Vargas, Ortigas Center,
Mandaluyong, M.M.
(near Mang Inasal)

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