Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Laiya, Batangas ay Wagas

Filipinos love heading to the beach when it's summer. I don't. Maybe because I'm Chinese by blood?! It must be funny to others but I love going to the beach in the cold months of October to February. I actually feel guilty about being internally happy that it's still cold despite the fact that it's April. I wish I could sincerely shout "Climate change go away!" but deep inside me, the beach lover in me, goes "WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" 

During this cold summer, I reminisce of the time we just woke up and went to Laiya, Batangas for our beach fix December 2010. 

The beach was rocky but it was great for just kicking back and sleeping the day off by the beach.

The sand here isn't in any way fine. It's a good beige though. It's actually not recommendable for swimming. It's more for relaxing and drinking by the beach experience. The beach was a bit of a stretch and we explored it. Towards the end are big rock formations we had fun playing around for a while. 

And of course, playing includes lots of pictures. The star of which was our one only model friend, Arg. :) Great pictures aren't they?

We only paid for the day trip (P750 with meals) but luckily got an available room thanks to the charms of Saul. :D It's impressively very clean and comfortable. The showers were really great with good water pressure which is rare for beach resorts.

We just might be back when we need a quick beach fix. 

Laiya, Batangas


  1. nice post.... i try to visit that resort... visit my blog

    1. Do visit! It's a really nice resort. :)

      I checked your blog and love it! I'll make sure to take notes for when I finally get to visit Mindanao especially Davao! :)