Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wow Fried Siopao

I've been craving for quite some time for this...

I don't like siopao in general. I find them a bit dry. So I like the siopao that comes a sauces. Or the siopao from Shang Palace with moist asado inside with the size perfect for one big bite. But there's one siopao I love and crave for whenever I'm in the office.

Fried Siopao!

I first met this small bun of goodness when we were treated by an office-mate. The best treat I had! 

Outside, it looks inconspicuously moist. It doesn't look oily at all. I know it's just deceiving but I don't really care. As they say, the best things in life are sinful! Well, I said it.   

One bite, hm. Nothing, just bread. But inside! It's the fatty sacrifice I would make any day. It's not just soft but the flavors are a lot more alive. Sadly, it's not quite the right size. 

After I eat one, I'm craving for another. After I eat that second bun, I can't wait till the next one! Good thing I didn't know about this since I was a kid or else I would be a lot more fatter!

Royal Cafe Food House
182 2nd Avenue, cor. del Mundo St.,
Caloocan City

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