Tuesday, April 24, 2012

H Cuisine is Heaven Cuisine

I've been hearing about H cuisine... Never got to try it though... Until one friday. Apparently, my sister and her beau are huge fans! Sadly, they're not as big eater as Fred Flintstone is so I wasn't able to try more of their good food.

The restaurant apparently opted to just serve a few quality dishes. Their menu contains just a handful of choices. It's more than enough though. It's already quite hard to decide which ones to pick. We just had two orders. 

The "most awesome angus beef belly" was awesome but doesn't qualify as the most. It's yummy and very tender though. The meat a bit dried for the charred finish. Although the gravy does offset the dryness perfectly. Yum!

Most Awesome Angus Beef Belly Single, P288 Sharing, P428

The sharing portion is sadly not that big. So it's the perfect date size but not good for third wheels like me. :) The gravy is thankfully not limited. They don't mind if you ask for more. So do ask for as much as you want!

The candle-heated setup surprisingly does keep the food hot longer. Unlike with the goulash in Magyar where it was completely pointless aside from for show. 

Our second dish is the "lemon bacon cream sauce on poached fish". It's dory yummy! I just love how the mix of the soft fish meat with the crisp bacon. Although it's not exactly as healthy as I hope a fish dish would be but so what? Save the diet for another day. :)

Hm. It seems we order in a one fish, one meat pattern. Just a thought. 

I love how homey the restaurant feels. I could almost peg it as a comfort restaurant with comfort food. I'm looking forward to trying the other dishes. It's not one to drive specifically for though. It's more of, when-you're-in-the-area kind of place. Thankfully I live in Quezon City so I'm always in the area. :)

H Cuisine by Hannah Herrera-Bagatsing#64 Scout Rallos St. (cor. Tomas Morato), 
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 413-0347