Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Full Belly in Dinelli Gourmet

Being distracted from hunger while exploring about, we emerged from Mind Museum with growling tummies. 

We headed for the nearest lane of restaurants we know. Looking about, we were supposed to try Yakitori but a restaurant caught my attention. I remembered reading about this deli from Yummy Magazine about its cheese platter. And we love cheese!!!

Going in, we found the deli almost empty.

It turned out, Fred doesn't like just any cheese. He only likes soft ones. So we didn't order the cheese platters from the menu. Instead, we checked the cheeses available looking for soft ones. We ended up ordering 100g of the Westland goat cheese and another 100g of Gouda wheel yellow waxed. 

We snubbed the sausages and hams on the other side. We aren't fans.

Our cheeses arrived with honey, cranberries and crispy melba toasts. I loved both cheeses dipping them 4 at a time deep into the honey and then lightly in the cranberries. They taste quite strongly (not too much), I guess that's what the melba toasts are for. :) This (cheese plates/platters) is what you must go to Dinelli to try.

Gouda Cheese P65.5/100g, Goat Cheese Zikko P118.5/100g

Before our cheese though, our hot soup arrived. It's not as we expected, topped with melted mozzarella cheese, but it was still good. I loved eating the bread soaked with hot soup. Fred loved it so much as well that he almost forgot to share it with me. :D

Baked French Soup P200

Unbeknownst to us, the steak Fred ordered comes with a bread and some side dish made up of corn and parmesan cheese. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Well, I just loved the crust of the bread. It wasn't crisp but toasted and buttery sweet. The corned parmesan cheese was the best too! Or maybe, I was just so famished? 

Next up was our steamed dory (if I'm not gravely mistaken) with zucchini and carrots. The fish was rightfully soft and lemon-y. It would've been good. But eating it while eating cheeses.. Hm... It's not ideal. The taste of the cheese just overpowered the subtle taste of fish.

White Fish Papilotte P275
Fred was craving for steaks. So we ended our meal with one. It's a so-so steak that Fred said lacked juiciness but that was because the waiter took his "medium" for "medium-well". And as one friend told me, Filipino restaurants would automatically one up your steak's doneness. So we ended up getting a well-done steak which was a bummer. It wasn't bad for the price though which was relatively cheap.

U.S. Rib Eye 12oz P930
I think the restaurant/deli would fare better if the serve their food in order and one by one as the French does it. I believe the taste of the cheese can be too strong to eat it simultaneously with another dish. 

I wouldn't drive all the way to Fort just to eat here, although if I were craving for some good cheese and Fort isn't too faraway, well, that would be another story. :)

Dinelli Gourmet

Belagio II, Forbes Town Center, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, 
Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 666-3544


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    1. Maybe it's just the camera? hehehe. Kidding. I think the food is yummy naman but the cheese has such an overpowering taste that it makes everything else taste a bit funny. :)