Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Enjoying my DB Down Boy

I'm actually wearing this pair right now. :D

What I love about this pair of Down Boy black platform sandal with rhinestones and diamond ring by Girl Two Doors Down is the felt texture. It feels soo good against my poor feet! Of course, the downside of it is I can't wear it everywhere, and, I can't wear it on rainy days. Thank heavens it's sunny today! 

Another thing I love is the faux diamonds at the center of the thong. I dream of the time when guys would have to give a pair of these slippers with two big glittering diamonds instead of one tiny ring. Hihihi. Wouldn't that be amazing? It'll have to be really HUGE to be noticed down upon your feet. :)

Lastly, as much as I loathe snobs, I love the arrogant text written. (It's not seen anyway unless you're not wearing it.) 

It's not THAT expensive though. :)

The Flatshop
 Ground Floor, Connecticut Arcade, 
Greenhills Shopping Center
Oritgas, M.M.

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