Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BBQ Republic opens to public

Typical Chinese, specially the elders, are generally very OC. It's very hard to impress them or even for them not to find anything to criticize.

Well, I suggest you bring them in this newly opened place and see what they have to say. (Of course, non-Chinese should drop by too!)

The new place is very clean, and simple but well decorated.

The service is impeccable. They are courteous, efficient and VERY attentive.

Best of all, the food they serve is simple but very good. 

Barbeque is one of the healthiest way (not to mention yummy-est! For me, at least.) way to cook food with only one downside: the carcinogens!

However, when done correctly, barbeque ends up like these goodness in sticks.

We pretty much got to try almost all kinds due to our huge appetite and neglection of rice.

Japanese Platter 5+1 Php175
The Japanese Platter can be served in chicken or pork or a mix of both, however you prefer it so long as it totals up to 6 or 12 pieces. It's basically meat plus leeks which adds a kick to the typical barbeque. 

Then there's the interesting seafood platter.

Seafood Platter 5+1 Php225
The cubed fish with onions and bell peppers sticks were great. It's definitely not your typical barbeque variant. 

Then surprisingly...

The bacon wrapped fish stick is my favorite of all that we ate. :)

Another order we enjoyed was the Filipino platter (5+1, Php125). There are more choices for this one which includes the chicken liver and chicken thigh which we weren't able to sample.

These are what we chose:

Chicken Gizzard

Pork Belly
Chicken Heart
Well, it's the most unique platter among all we had. The gizzard was yummy! The pork belly, typical. But the CHICKEN HEART, ooh, I loved it! It's full of muscle which was good to chew. :)

Last but not the least:

Fried Chicken Karaage 5+1 Php200

This one is definitely one of the must-tries for the younger diners. This fried chicken karaages are simply cooked but the skin was perfectly crispy and the meat incredibly juicy. 

I'm putting this on my list of to-order places in case of a party or get-together! :)

BBQ Republic
229 Wilson St.,
San Juan, Metro Manila


  1. We are truly honored to be featured in your blogspot. Thank you very much!