Monday, September 3, 2012

Macarons Madness Part 1 Chez Karine

There is one thing we could not deny we inherited from our mother. 

That's our eternal cravings for specific foods which could go on for weeks and  which could be frustrating at times. We sisters are currently craving for macarons after a friend had given my atsi a box of LINDT MACARONS (!!!) from Australia. Boo that I didn't get any! (The risk of sleeping too early. :()

I don't know about you but until now it's quite hard to find good macarons in this country. Bummer.

No wonder Chef Karen Yang (THE daughter of THE Geroge Yang!) felt she needed to go to France just to study the art of baking French macarons. (Please, I love exaggerations. Humor me! :D)

Thank goodness she's come back with beautifully presented presents of French macarons just in time for our madness!

Limited flavors left when you go there late enough! Brr... -_-

Now you see it...

Now you don't! 

Teeheehee. We can be like cyclones when it comes to our craved food. Four minutes and we finished our Php350 (7 pcs.) worth of heaven!

In between bites:

This earl grey flavor is unique. I've yet to find another of its kind! Yum, yum for tea lovers like moi! :)

This lemon piece was sure as refreshing as a cold lemonade!

Who doesn't love pistachio??? Look at that thick filling! That is why I now love these! 

It's my favorite flavor of all when it comes to macarons: SALTED CARAMEL! I don't know why but it's just the perfect salty and sweet combo! 

These are the reasons why I have come to love French macarons. I love the food, but Bizu's don't just give justice like these from "Karen's Place" can.

I guess it's true! The early bird catches the best worms! (or something like that.) Gotta go to Serendra early one morning and score other yummy mouthfuls!

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