Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Calamay from Bohol & Kulangot from Baguio

I've been craving for some Calamay a while back when my best friend coincidentally gave me some from Bohol from her trip.


I've been eating Calamay but never really knew what it's made of so I checked the internet. Apparently it's a yummy mixture of sticky rice, sugar, coconut milk and vanilla and (for this specific one) peanut!  

It comes in a smooth shell of coconut with a distinctive red tape around the middle. 

Inside, the calamay has a very sticky texture but it's still best to be eaten with bare hands. It's just more fun that way. :D

Calamay's not sweet-to-the-death but it's sweet still. People with diabetes should definitely stir clear!

So the calamay I showed you came from Bohol while this next one was given by my cousin from Baguio. This is the calamay I grew up eating! It simply reminds me of happy Baguio vacations with family.

The packaging is a lot more complicated, and a lot smaller.

Lookie! See how little calamay (without peanuts!) each shell contains? Then you have to use your finger to scoop it out. This is why calamay is also fondly called kulangot or booger. Is that cool or icky? 

I love the Baguio version better if only because it reminds me of my childhood. :D Or maybe it's that things in smaller portions seems to be more enjoyable, add in the challenge of spooning it out.

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