Monday, September 17, 2012

Peanut Brittle Version 1 & 2 from Baguio

When a friend goes to Baguio, I try and refrain from asking for some pasalubong goodies. This is despite the fact that I do have relatives there whom we ask to send us some yummy snacks from time to time. 

There are truly a lot of delicious small eats to be enjoyed from Baguio. One of the top will surely be the peanut brittle.

If you're looking to die of sweetness, this might just be the way to go. (Be sure to drink tea or hot water after indulging!)

There are actually two kinds that I never reconciled to be the same until now. I mean, before I thought this one is peanut brittle. The other one is peanut brittle. Just now did I realize there are two versions of peanut brittle. :p

There's the typical peanut brittle... 
(Baguio Friends & Good Shepherd are the best brands so far.)

... with the peanuts all crushed up and hugged by the lighter colored caramelized sugar ...

... Then there's the more unique peanut brittle ... 
(Romana is the only way to go!)

... with whole nuts and thinner but darker sugar.

I personally prefer the Romana's peanut brittle but I think the first one is more popular since most peanut brittles are made that way. No matter how it's made, peanut brittles are just sweet and yummy!

Either way, it's something home-alone family members would sure appreciate. :)