Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Ribs Hub: Rub

My friends and I were talking about how the Timog area had momentarily "died" only to be revived by hole-in-the-wall diners unique in this location.

One of the "hole-in-the-walls" is this: RUB.

It's a very small place where the ground floor uncomfortably sits only six people while the second floor can accommodate just thrice as much. We preferred to sit outside because 1) at 8.30 pm there weren't anywhere else to sit, and 2) it looked a lot more non-claustrophobic. 

The menu offers a lot of yummy-sounding entrees but we came for only one thing: the RAKI'S BBQ RIBS!

Everything else is forgettable save for the taste of this dish! Yes, even boyfriends, good and bad. (If you're feeling broken-hearted, it's best to get drunk on this flavor!)

OMG! I am no food connoisseur but I'm sure this slab would please each and everyone who tries it. The meat simply tears away from the bones without much effort, (which kind of made me sad since I badly needed the arm work out. Ha.Ha. :D) and the texture's very tender! It's good just the way it is but if it's not flavorful enough, they do give diners extra sauce. 

I promise, this is a place to try out specially for ribs lovers! If anyone doesn't love it, I shall resign from being a food critique. (When there comes a time I'll be one. Ha.Ha.)

64 Scout Rallos,
Tomas Morato, Quezon City

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