Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vargas Kitchen's Brazo de Mercedez = Heaven

There is no hunger in heaven. This is a widely accepted truth. Otherwise would mean that there would still be suffering up there in cloud 9. Then, it's no paradise at all. 

People take this to mean that there's no food beyond the skies. Hm. THAT CANNOT BE!!! Please NOOO!!! So, I have another take on this. There's no hunger in heaven because there's GOOD food in abundance. This leads me to think, and hope, that there in far, far away nirvana, souls can eat as much as they want without having to worry about weight nor health! That's a good non-life, don't you agree?

There's this one dessert that I truly wish I could find in heaven (assuming I do end up there!). Meet Vargas Kitchen's frozen brazo de mercedes!

The box looks simple and unassuming.

Opening it... HALF A LOG LEFT! Good thing I came home early. :D

The custard just oozes out whenever you cut a slice. 

I'm not sure how to describe this heaven of a dessert. The meringue just melts in your mouth while the custard filling just explodes with sweetness. It's the perfect balance of lusciousness. 

Oh, Ms. Vargas, you must be an angel from heaven.

Vargas Kitchen
Available in Rustan's Makati & Powerplant
South Supermarket Filinvest Alabang

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