Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Macarons Madness 2: Alchemy

I'm far from done when it comes to French Macarons.

Done right, it's the next frozen yogurt or milk tea! Sadly, there's too many available in that obviously way too commercialized recipes. The result? Dry and un-yummy macarons. Boo!!!

Find the real goody macarons in the homemade magic of Alchemy. It truly is a baking magic!

It's the cutie box again! I love the look of this whimsical packaging! It reminds me of Harry Potter or Mickey Mouse. :D

Opening the box.... WOAH!

See how messy it became? That's because of the fillings! Chef Meryl Go obviously doesn't skimp on the yummy magic dust! Every piece is teeming full of it.

Chai spice flavor wasn't at all spicy. Just sweet and crumbly. 

Another unique flavor is the peanut caramel. Just look how thick that filling is! It just melts in your mouth!

How unique, Banana Walnut! It's surprisingly very good. Soft and moist and yummy as the rest.

This is the BEST salted caramel macarons I've tried so far. I took small bites and savored each one. It wasn't hard with the generous caramel filling. Ohh, the taste of perfection!

One testament that these macarons are pure goodness? It would take five bites to finish these pieces. That's because every bit of it is full of flavor, popping it as a whole would just be flavor overload.

Honestly, the look and quality of these macarons remind me of another thing I love with passion... Hand-made paper! Yes... I know... I'm weird like that. The macarons look "un-perfect", like it's made lovingly one by one by hand, each with its own magic. They don't look generic to me, like their made by machines. I don't know about you but that's how I perceive these. 

And... like it's not yummy enough, it's a good deal at Php30 per piece.

*NOTE TO SELF: Must try premium flavors! (Php35/pc.)

Hm... Must order more to give to Boyfriend just in case it works its magic on him and make him follow everything I say. :D

But... the box says...

Oh well, better place an order every five days. :D

Greenmeadows Subd.,
Quezon City, Manila
02-339-9229, 0917-896-3795

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